Sunday, March 7, 2010

Saturday = Much Needed Family Day

After a long week, we all needed a break and some family time. Just the fact it was Saturday and none of were working or at school was treat enough. So, what makes a Saturday even better???.... a Rick's cupcake, of course!!! After hanging out at home, we decided to venture out. Jon and I realized there arent many activities for toddlers in NWA so we make the best of it.  We started off at a Whittaker family favorite. My little sugar lover never passes up the chance for a treat!

(ps Kellan slept thru the whole Rick's experience but he deserved a pic)

Next we were off to Wilson Park
Glad we have the swing and slide to burn off the extra energy to look forward to. 

Its so much fun now that we can really enjoy the park. She gets so excited everytime because there's always something she's never done before. This will soon wear off but for now its all new everytime!

Sugar crash came shortly after this so we at dinner and had a quiet time doing crafts the rest of the night.

What a super fun Saturday!

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