Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hooray! Baby Layton Arrived!

I had to share this sweet photo of Eva's new BFF! 

Baby Layton Faye Elleman arrived around 4 pm on Thursday, June 25th 
(thank goodness, just in time before Eva and I headed to Louisiana)

She so perfect and healthy weighing 7 lbs 13 oz and just the most beautiful addition to an already gorgeous  Elleman family. Here's one happy hopsital room of everyone who was there to welcome her into the world. Thanks Brooke for sharing your talent on such a special day. 

We love you baby Layton and cant wait to play soon!

Baby Boy Update

I know the focus is usually on sweet Eva but wanted to give an update on our little boy. Had an appointment this morning that was quite the experience for me but confirmed a healthy and growing little man. I am at 22 weeks and have gained more weight than I would have thought. With the heat and food consumed in Louisiana I am apparently retaining more water than usual at this stage. Either Dr. Hinton knew how bummed I was and knew what I needed to hear or I really do need to lay off the salt and drink more fluids (apparently diet coke doesn't exactly count). But he's about a pound and measuring perfectly. Heartbeat was at 149 (staying right around 150 everytime) and very active. I am feeling him move and kick all the time now and cant wait to see if he's a mover and dancer like his sister!

Still no progress on the homefront though. We have a ton of furniture to move around and just havent gotten to it. Getting closer on confirming his name so stay tuned. We thought we were done but now considering other options. So tough the second time around. 

So until I get the guts to post preggo pictures or I find time to scan the Ultrasound pictures these updates will have to do!

Big Weekend in the Bayou

Last weekend Eva and I traveled south to Ruston, Louisiana to see our sweet friend Stacey get married! It was quite the start to the travels with Mom and Eva getting little sleep (thank you teething fairy) but once we got over the border she was a different kid. Eva was the life of the party and could not have been better during the rehearsal dinner, passing around to lots of friends and family, sleeping in the hotel, feedings and the wedding/reception itself. I was really nervous what an 8 month old would do through all this but I was amazed and thankful that with all the family help (which also meant constant entertainment) she was a dream child.

My wonderful sister caught some great pictures. I am sure there are more to come but two of our favs from the reception are below. Eva LOVES music and so a live band was right up her alley. She proved to be quite the dancer, partying until 10 pm! I am one proud Mommy!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Letter for My Daddy

Dear Da-Da,
Thank you for being my Daddy. Thank you for loving me more everyday and always telling me so. I love when you give me lots of kisses and hugs and how you always wake up to feed me my breakfast. I wish you were home more so I didnt have to miss you so much, but I know you're gone so that I can have everything I have ever wanted. I am so excited to have a baby brother soon and I know that you'll be the best Daddy for him like you are for me. Mom says she's so lucky to have you but I really think I am the most lucky because I am the best of both of you.

I cant wait until I can swim and run and play more with you but until then I'll just enjoy what we can do and look forward to growing up with you as my Daddy.

Happy Father's Day! (or as I call it "Happy Da-Da's Day)

All my hugs and kisses,
Eva Beth

Best of Friends Already

One of my very best friends Jennifer and her precious daughter Julie came up last week to visit us and we had such a nice time catching up, eating lunch, even just running errands together. The girls were born only 2 1/2 weeks apart so its neat to see them playing together and getting to be together since they live in Ben Lomand (just shy of Texarkana for those who arent familiar with small town Arkansas).

Come back soon girls! We miss you very much!

Eva & Julie stopping play to let me take a picture

Friday, June 12, 2009

Bye Bye, Kids Studio, Hello, Little Sunshine!

I must admit today was a little bittersweet. It was Eva's last day at The Kids Studio where she'd been going since I went back to work. The owner and director are fantastic and I really had a good experience. She's made some great friends and I am actually kind of sad that we wont get to see them as much anymore. Its been so neat watching a few of them really grow up together over the past months and I'll have to find a way to break it to Eva that she's going to have to find a new boyfriend. She had Evan (a friend of mine from college's little boy) wrapped around her finger!

But, there have a been a couple instances where I think they could have done better with the kids and I really struggled with the amount of turnover Eva experienced in the short amount of time we were there. 

So when a new preschool opened in Northwest Arkansas touting a better environment, stronger curriculum and so on I decided to check it. Boy, was I blown away. Not only is the facility top of the line, the teacher qualifications and personalities, the schedule for the kids days, and the director all impressed me enough to make the move. Monday will be her first day in a new class at Little Sunshine Playhouse and Preschool. 

As Eva has gotten older I just realized how much I want her in an environment that will truly "teach" her not just care for her. I grew very attached to a few key people at Kids Studio and have nothing bad to say. They did us right for the first few months as I transitioned back to work but I really feel like Little Sunshine will be the perfect place for both our munchkins to grow, be loved and learn from over the next few developmental years. Please pray for a smooth transition and that its all they have promised it would be.

I just had to include a picture of Eva on Day One of "school" and one as of today on her first, last day. My how she's grown in 5 months!

If anyone is interested you should definitely check out www.littlesunshine.com. Jon and I both are very excited and will report in next week on how its going. You can even watch her day on their webcams. As soon as I get that figured out, what a great way for Jon to stay connected while he's on the road. So many great things to experience with these little ones. Its a new adventure everyday!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Alarm Ever

There is something so amazing about the excitement and smiles that come from a 7 month old at 6:15 am! When I want to hit snooze and roll over for 9 more minutes, this little alarm clock is smiling and playing in her crib, so excited to start the day. I have typically been waking up to her vs. my alarm since I hit snooze so often it gives up but this morning Eva was up and at um, yes, I said it, at 6:15. Which was actually kind of nice because I really needed to get up then anyway. So like every morning, I love going in her room to get her because she's always smiling and "talking" saying what I can only imagine is "Good Morning, Mommy! I am ready to start the day!" I will typically then let her watch her favorite Jack's Big Music Show or Wonder Pets while I get ready and today was one of those days. So when I got out of the shower trying desperately to get motivated for another long day at work- this is what I saw on my bed! I mean, really, how can you not snap out of your funk and just stop and smile. If only we all approached our days with this much joy and happiness... I think we'd all have better days everyday. Thanks Eva for teaching me sometimes life is really this good. 
I love you, 

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lovin Little Rock

Visiting family in Little Rock is our very favorite thing to do. There is never a dull moment, Eva loves having so many people's attention and this weekend she loved being at the pool! Jon took her down Friday to spend the day at the pool with her cousins while I worked :-( I met them down there Friday night so my turn with the water baby was Saturday after a great lunch at my favorite LR restaurant, Trios,  with our favorite Ammie!

We had a wonderful time getting lots of cousin time, lots of grandparent lovin and aunts doting over her! Leaving is always bittersweet. By Sunday we're exhausted (this one was no exception) but we stall every chance we can. So, I am glad we'll be heading back south for the 4th of July weekend to celebrate cousin Abby's 3rd birthday! 

We love you all and appreciate all the help, kisses and fun all weekend long!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Boy W Meets Parents and Sister

We had a great doctor's visit Tuesday! We got the full ultrasound of our little man and all looked great. I'll add his pictures soon but in the meantime, here's what we know:

  • He is definitely still a he and proud of it!
  • Measuring about a week ahead of schedule
  • Dr. Hinton said to expect him towards the end of October 2009
  • No signs of any chromosomal abnormalities (praise the Lord)
  • No signs of any organs out of place- everything seems to be working as it should
  • She checked his kidney's since E's were a little dilated but he's perfect
  • We have ten fingers and ten toes, two eyes, two ears, a nose, mouth, legs, arms, perfect spine and cute tushie!

As for me, I am doing great. Feeling good and looking pregnant!  I get really bad cramps every now and then when I pick E up but they said no worries, just my ligaments stretching. I got a gold star for tracking great on my weight. Better than I was at this point with Eva so I guess having a munchkin running around actually helps with weight gain! Blood Pressure is perfect and I'll go back in 4 weeks for the glucose test and we'll keep trucking along.

His name is still coming and hoping to start working on his room soon so stay tuned and check back as our little wonderful family grows!

Day in the Park

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous so I decided Eva and I should venture down to Wilson Park. She had a blast on the swings and playing on her blanket. Jon thinks she looks like she should be on Little House on the Prairie with this hat but I think its precious. And saved us since it was probably 88 degrees all day. We walked around the trail and laughed at the other kids and dogs. Then after I got tired of applying sunscreen (so afraid of her getting burned) and keeping her cool we went home after an hour. All in all, it was a fantastic afternoon and I know we'll have many more days at the park as a family!

Updated Pictures

So while Jon was traveling the past few weeks I had some good shots on my camera I was sending him but realized they were worth sharing with our blog family! 

I cant believe this little baby is now my little girl. You'll see she's sitting up so well, chewing on her hands while she waits for her teeth to come in, holding her own bottle and playing so hard at school she wears herself out.


Hi Mom, look how cute I am!

Big girl reading her new Elmo book... ok so she ate it vs reading it but you gotta absorb the words somehow!

Saturday morning breakfast

Big day at school!

Helping Momma run errands! Eva loves the buggies now that she can sit up and I love that I dont have to lug that seat around anymore!