Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Big Day for the the Whittaker Kids

If I could start this blog post by saying that its beginning to feel like every title of every post for a while could be "Another Big Day" so I promise to get more creative in the future. However, this Saturday really was just that. Now that Miss Priss is on the go- constantly- Jon and I are challenged to keep her entertained and occupied for the 13 hours a day she's awake (+/- a couple for naps). 

We woke up this Saturday to what we knew would be an handful. Overcast, cool weather + energetic toddler could have made for a crazy day inside. However, my husband in all his brilliance thankfully had the morning's events already mapped out. 

We began at McDonalds. Yep, we did it. She's almost 17 months old and we had our FIRST trip to McyD's for some pancakes!! Which was great at 8 am because NO ONE was there. We not only ate in the kids are alone, she got to play afterward by herself. Note to self: Past 8:30 on a Sat. am, stay away! It was nuts by the time we left but we were full and happy and on to the next adventure.

We thought McDonald's was fun- we hit the jackpot at Walmart! Moms may I please suggest always shopping at 8:30 in the morning. No crowds, everything was stocked and straightened and Eva could run up and down the aisles as she always dreamed of! Jon and I had been trying to find some arts and crafts for her to do on days such as this. So $40 later we were loaded up on finger paints, poster board, sidewalk chalk, bubble refills and Disney Cars the movie! Pretty fun day ahead!!

Cars went straight into the DVD player and away we went!

Next stop was David's bridal. Someone was getting tired at this point so we didnt get to play in the mirrors but we did pick up sweet Eva's flower girl dress for Miss Heather's wedding next month. Dress, check! Purple sash ordered so she can match the big girls, check! Next is little white ballet shoes, my favorite part! Stay tuned.

By the time we got home it was naps then lunch time. This went fast because the best was yet to come. Nope, not the sidewalk chalk (too cold) or the bubbles (too windy)... FINGERPAINTS!

Just check it out for yourself!

This smiley face on her back was clearly Dad's idea!

Showers, clean up, quick second nap and then dinner and a movie for the Whittakers. Yes, Kellan was around all day but he's such the laid back, roll with it kid, he just sat and watched most of the time. He's really into watching (and definitely laughing at) whatever Eva does. The next picture proves that. When we all climbed on the couch to read books and watch Charlotte's Web he had to be right in the mix.

Such a big boy now!

So my sweet kids had a blast today. Ok, so did Mom and Dad. We all enjoyed the family time so much so even Jon and I crashed by 9:30 and not complaining one bit. 

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