Sunday, June 20, 2010

To the Best Daddy in the World

Nothing makes this mom's life better than a father who is as great as this one!!

There are no words to describe how our kids look at you. Everyday I see admiration, unconditional love and joy in their eyes. The words Daddy warm my heart as much as I know they do yours and thank the Lord daily that you are the other half to this parenting duo. The sacrifices you've made, the support you give us all and the dedication to being the best husband and daddy ever make me love you more and more!! 

Hope you always remember you are our hero!
Happy Father's Day, 
Eva, Kellan and Amanda

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun in the Sun

Eva and Kellan have definitely felt the season change this weekend. Mommy loves summer and I am making sure my kids do too! 

We spent Saturday in Ft Smith with my cousin and her family + Lauren & Sawyer. Not a lot of pictures because I had both kids on my own but hoping Lauren and Heidi grabbed some because it was so fun. I mean, how could it not be with a roller skating party and afternoon with 6 adults and 9 kids ranging from 8 months to (almost) 8 years!!

Then today with Patrick and his fiance Talia in town we took advantage of two things: Sunny day and a certfied swim instructer. 
After a yummy lunch....

Off to the pool we went.

Super fun time and both Eva and Mom learned so much about infant swimming. I think I'll be saying "1,2,3, ready, go" for days... weeks to come! Lots of dips, kickers and bubbles make the pool heaven for Eva, but the incoming rain was our cue to head home. Clearly, it was a great choice!

Look Who's Standing UP

And pulling up... and sitting up.... but definitely loves standing up... ALL ON HIS OWN!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

2 Cousins + 1 Duck Tub = Loads of Fun

One Tuesday night in May, two sisters had a plan that started something like this:

Amanda: Hey, Lauren, Lets let the boys take their baths together tonight
Lauren: Sure, Sawyer's never been in his tub so lets see how he likes it
Amanda: Oh Kellan loves it so this should be good.

And...this, my friends, is how that plan played out! Let me know if you think it was a success??!! :-)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My kids know how to make the best of it!

Jon and I always joke that life is hard for Eva and Kellan. Being that cute and playing this hard can wear you out sometimes. I love these two pictures of when my babies took advantage of a little snooze time.

Eva after a morning of playing with friends (notice the chapstick she would NOT let go of)

Kellan says "Walmart is exhausting"! I agree brother! 

Just for Fun

I couldnt resist. Since I have them... you think they're related???
 Eva at her 6 mo check up and Kellan at his. 

6 month and 18 month check ups = SUCCESS!!

Friday morning's doctor visit was quite the experience on a number of levels. I learned a lot that I feel is worth sharing.

1. I have two extremely healthy children and thank the Lord for that everyday. Its not something I ever take for granted.

2. I was either out of my mind or over confident when I decided to schedule their 6 mo and 18 mo checkups at the same appointment. My need for efficiency overshadowed my ability to care for two little ones in a small room at the same time. Reminder to self, two trips with one kid at a time is always a better idea.

3. Finding the right doctor makes all the difference. NWA Peds is fantastic but due to the number of kids in the clinic you typically just rotate through the doctors. I have loved them all but recently met Dr. Stacey Furlow and I am thrilled. She's now seen both my kids and I got full permission to specifically request my kids see her for all their appts (unless of course its an emergency and she's out). I always heard having a pediatrician who you trust and knows your kids is so great, it just took us a little bit to find that one. Now that we have we are not looking back!!

4. Eva is going through a growth spurt. She weighed in at 24.6 pounds which is right on and puts her in the 50th percentile on weight. Now the big news. At a whopping 32.5 inches she measured in the 75th percentile in height. My jaw dropped. This is the kid who came in either in the 10th or 25th every time and was deemed my shorty. Who knew! My favorite though was when she asked if Eva was saying at least 4-10 words clearly. I had to laugh out loud. I am not keeping count but would be shocked if it wasnt more like 40!! Shes totally my child in that regard. Atta girl. Then, she got 4 shots which she was NOT happy about but was so brave. The best part was that was her last round until she goes to kindergarten!! Phew!

5. Now there's Kellan. My shinning star, developing perfectly! However, now we have a new "shrimp" of the family. Weighing in at 17.1 pounds he's in the 25th percentile for weight and yes, at 25.3 inches he's in the 10th for height. What he doesnt have in size though he makes up for in personality. He's super strong, pulling up on his own, laughing, grabbing at things, jumping in his bouncy, eating baby foods but already eyeing grown up foods, and switched to only 4 bottles a day. Eva would never drink more than 6 oz at a time but Kellan will down an 8 oz bottle like its nothing. Dr. Furlow said let him progress as he wants. Being the second kid he has an example of what he's supposed to be doing so not to be surprised he wants to do things sooner than she did. So he's in the tub with his sister sitting up and splashing around, loving his highchair and still madly in love with his teachers at school. His smile lights up my day and his cheeks are the most kissable in the whole world.

6. Even for all the headaches they give me, the uncountable number of diapers I change and my intense desire to get my pre-baby body back, I couldnt imagine my life without these two. I was scared to death about what life with two a year apart would be and now cant imagine it any other way.

Eva wasnt much for the camera at this visit mainly because she was too busy taking the trash bags in and out of the cans while we waited on the doc. Hey, whatever kept her happy!!

Little man was also easy to entertain... I brought 3 books and 3 toys and all he wanted was the tongue depressor.

I just love this little face. Like "what? I'm just chillin'" - and that he does. He's so easy-going and all the time happy. 

How I got so lucky to have two such great kids is beyond me but I'll take it!? They are just perfect!!

Growing Up Too Fast!!

Eva is definitely keeping us entertained this week but a new kid is on the block that is quickly catching up to her. Mister Kellan is in full force: "talking", laughing, sitting up, trying to stand up, teething (but no, no teeth yet) and winning major points with Mommy for how much he loves to snuggle. I didnt think any kid would be more snugly than Eva but Kellan more than makes up for how you cant keep her still anymore. These pictures are from our special time last weekend. Jon and Eva were still asleep and we just hung out in bed and watched cartoons. These moments are so fleeting that I am doing all I can to hold onto them as tightly as I can. At this point with Eva I knew I had Kellan on the way. Now I know that my "baby days" are soon over and my days will be full of sassy toddlers. Needless to say, there are lots of good to that but certain mornings I'd love to keep my little man a baby as long as I can.


Sunny with a chance of more sun and fun! Memorial Day: May 31, 2010

One of the best parts of my new job are the friends I have made. One in particular has an awesome house on Beaver Lake in Rogers and had us and a couple other couples over for some great BBQ and fun on her boat. We enjoyed the time with our new friends and seeing how much the kids enjoyed the day.

First ride was everyone so we suited up and headed out. They looked so cute in their life jackets but the best part (that I unfortunately don't have pictures of but Ginger is supposed to send me) is that within five minutes of the boat ride, both kids were out. I mean gone. Eva was holding onto Jon smiling and saying "Whoa" when in mid sentence she's asleep on his lap. Kellan was with me and I guess with the motion, wind and sun, he slept the whole hour!!

We had all kind of fruits and veggie on board for snacks but all Eva wanted was Watermelon. I swear she must have eaten half the melon by the time we left!!

We actually had one of the neighbor girls watch Kellan for a couple hours so we could go back out and he could eat and have his nap so we got some good Eva time. She and I had fun lounging in the water and catching some sun. As usual I did great about sunscreen for the kids... Jon and I not so much! For me though, red was better than white!! Eva learned how to kick in the water and had fun splashing around. I cant wait to get her into swim lessons and to a pool soon so she can really start to enjoy the water more this season.

While there were times Jon and I both said we were sad we weren't in Little Rock as usual we certainly enjoyed the fun family weekend. Great weather, lots of activities and time with friends = a great start to the summer. Thanks Ginger for being a great hostess and cant wait for more fun times together!!

My little Mini Me

If I could find the picture I would scan and add but you'll have to trust me... this is EXACTLY how I slept as a kid. So, of course when I went in to check on Eva (as I always do before I got back to bed) I had to run and grab my camera to catch this. I love how as she gets older we are seeing traits of Jon and traits of me, but of course it warms my heart when I see the good things of me come through. 

Happy Birthday, Maye Robinson

Its tough to tell from these pictures but we were actually at Gulley Park celebrating our dear friend Maye Robinson's second birthday! She received this bubble maker as a gift and of course our sweet Eva felt like that means its hers too. But she had a blast and so Maye graciously shared the toy. Thanks for such a fun time with friends at the park on a gorgeous sunny day!

While Mom is away... my kids did play

I am loving my new job with Nestle but its had me traveling quite a bit. This last trip had me in Chicago for two nights and Oakland, CA for three. What a long but fun week!! Thankfully the teachers at the kids school know how much pictures of the kids brighten my day.

Below is a nice collection of what I received while I was gone. 

Even Jon knew what would make me even more ready to be home. Who wouldnt want to hurry home to these little faces. 

I love traveling and getting to get to new cities but there's nothing like coming home to the ones who love you the most.