Thursday, April 15, 2010

Blog Break

Just wanted to go on record that I am fully aware there has been a substantial blog break. The short story is I resigned from TracyLocke and took a fabulous new job with Nestle as the shopper marketing manager for their Ice Cream brands such as Edy's/Dreyer's, Haagen-Dazs and Nestle Snacks/Novelties. Its been awesome but that meant I lost my computer that housed all my photos. I was able to save them but currently havent devised a plan for either transferring them onto Jon's computer or onto the PC I have for work. Which is the second thing, my new computer is a PC which has been a tough pill to swallow for a very loyal Mac user!! So bear with me. The long story including all the kiddo updates will hopefully come soon.

In the meantime, life is good. The kids are growing and doing more everyday. This minor detail has also contributed to my lack of "extra" time these days. Kellan is rolling all over the place, "talking" a ton and keep a close watch on every move Eva makes. Then there is Eva... where to even begin. She has a new set of words every day it seems like, running all over the place and just really turning into a little girl before our very eyes! Outside is our favorite place in the world and so thankfully our backyard is finally equipped with patio furniture!

Thankfully in the week I had between jobs I also got the chance to have Brooke get some amazing photos of both Eva and Kellan so stay tuned... there's a lot more to come soon, I promise!