Sunday, March 7, 2010

Much Overdo Updates

OK, I have to admit that the past 4-5 weeks have been a blur to me. The blog unfortunately got neglected while I used every minute to either sleep or be with the kiddos. However this Sunday morning is my chance to get back on the blogging track! If I could only explain just how crazy life has been you'd understand but between a week trip to Dallas, 4 weeks of 60-80 hr weeks, Jon getting accustomed to his job, keeping up the house (sort of), and of yeah, one 4 month old and one 16 month old, we've just been in survival mode these days. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. More on that later.

So thought I'd get you caught up.


My sweet Kellan James is 4 months old now. We're a little behind on his stats so I'll add those after his appt tomorrow (see 1st paragrapgh for why we're a couple weeks late on his 4 mo checkup) but as for his update, there is no shortage of news. His little personality is realy beginning to show. He's "talking" a bunch and really interacts with everyone. He loves people watching and I can tell hopes to one day soon join in his sister's fun. He's growing a ton and I feel like is going to be taller than sis! Everything goes in the mouth these days and just smiles from ear to ear. Its incredible how much he looks like Jon though. I know Eva did but by this point she'd begun to change a little. Not this one! Even his facial expressions are a mirror image of Daddy which is too cute. He'll pull up if you hold his hands, he's consistently sleeping from about 9:30-6 which is huge, and has his teachers at school wrapped around his finger!! Atta boy!


And then there's Eva Beth. What can I say? At 16 months now, she's a riot each and every day. Its amazing to me how much this little ball of energy can keep us in stitches all the time. "Monkey See, Monkey Do" is her new name.... well that an Toot, and Monkey and Turkey and any word that describes a toddler! But the most fun we have is teaching her things and watching how much she picks up on what we're doing. She'll mimic anything you do and wants so bad to do things on her own. We're definitely testing our independence these days but its worth it when we see her do something we had no clue she knew how. Walking has turned into full speed running. She's learning animal sounds, letters, spoons and forks. For some reason it never gets old to ask, Where's Eva??? Hide and seek in any form is her fav. Even if its her hiding under her blanket, behind her crib or behind her hands. Something about that "surprise" is the best. She has all sorts of faces from fish face, surprise face, silly face and "cheese"!!! Everyone told me that each phase is the best and I had no idea what they meant until now. I swear if I could push pause though on this little munchkin I would. Even after a long day, there is nothing better than how sweet and snugly she is when she cuddles up next to you. She gives the best kisses and hugs and is so loving that I actually get excited to wake her up every morning!

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Laura said...

Hey, Amanda! Your kiddos are adorable! I am so impressed with how you manage both of them! My first is also 4 months old. He, however, is not sleeping well in the night - still waking about 4am...What is your secret??!