Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Start Your Day Off Right

I dont know how but for some reason my kids are bright eyed and bushy tailed right when they wake up. Eva takes a bit to wake up but then is ready to go where as Kellan wakes up smiling and ready to go immediately... oh and usually at 6 am. (Eva will sleep until 7:30 and sometimes 8/8:30 if I let her).

This past weekend was definitely a chill weekend. Between two kids with ear infections, major thunderstorms and two tired parents, we stayed in quite a bit. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings stuck inside gave the kids ample time to entertain their parents.

Let me just preface these next pictures with how my kids take my breath away sometimes. Not because they are doing anything any normal kid wouldnt do but just seeing them love each other and play together. So while "what" they are doing probably isnt very special, the fact they're doing it together is the most special to me.

Saturday was all about books, yes, TV and some dancing in our pjs. This new ottoman we got to act as a safer and much more comfy coffee table is apparently doubling as a couch for my kids. 

What you dont see in these next pictures is what I walked in on. Where's my flip when I need it? I sat Kellan in Eva's crib while I went to grab Eva some milk. I went back to see Eva having a one way pillow fight with her brother and Kellan cracking up to the point of giggle everytime she whacked him. No worries, its a small very soft pillow and clearly no one was hurt. The moment I was "found out" they stopped but still managed to ham it up for the camera!

I had to add a picture of my little man all grown up. We've moved Eva into more of a booster seat that sits up at the table since Kellan now loves his highchair. Here he anxiously awaits his beloved oatmeal! Are you kidding me? How does he keep getting cuter. 

What an awesome Sunday! Great family time (including a spontaneous date night), great snuggle time, all caught up on this blog and packing for a week of traveling. I love getting to travel with this new job but with it comes a tinge of sadness. I know this kids will have a great week with Dad and our amazing babysitter Elisha but its still not me, at least thats what I hope they think. Reading back through the posts makes me excite to keep it up again. Thanks for your patience in the million posts and hope it brings you all the joy writing about my kiddos bring me.

Lions, Elephants and Sheep, oh My!

The Little Rock kicked the drive thru Gentry Zoo's booty!!!

For lots of reasons. 
First being the company. Whittakers are elated that the Cowells have moved back to Little Rock from living in Maryland for the past eight years. We met up with Ryan, Sharon, Jacob and Asher to tour the zoo. 

I dont think I'd been since I was in junior high and its much better than I remembered. Eva loved every minute of it and the gorgeous weather helped!! 

Feeding the fish was her very favorite because in one place she had fish, ducks and turtles all at her beck and call!

There is something fun about putting your face in a standee that just makes you smile! Even Jon!

This little man was a trooper then took advantage of the plush accommodations to take a snooze for the last hour!

All in all a great 3 hours spent and I know it'll only get better as both kids get older. We skated it this time but I definitely see a ride on the train in our near future since E kept her eye on the "choo choo."

Mother's Day Keeps Getting Better

This year was twice as great for this Mom.

I am overwhelmed with joy that I shared this year's mother day with my sister!!! Not only was it a special day for Lauren and Josh as they dedicated sweet Sawyer at Fellowship in LR, but she's the most beautiful wonderful mother I know. Her love for sawyer is evident and believe she's been preparing to be a mom for, well at least over a year now. She's been loving on my kids like they're her own for so long its natural to see her in this new role. I am so proud.

Also, very proud to be the mom of my two perfect angels. How God thought I deserved them is beyond me but I am forever grateful. Being a Mom has been the most wonderful, challenging, rewarding and best part of my life. I enjoyed my quiet day with my family, my kids and myself (thank you Jon for my bathtime, magazine and chocolate for some needed chill time.) As I laid my head on my pillow that night I thanked Jon for making me their Mom. I dont think I do that enough. We're a great team with two great kids and I couldnt ask for anything more!!

My Papaw Turns 78!!

The next day served to bring more family memories. Lauren and Sawyer came to celebrate my grandfather's 78th birthday which would be later that week.

What do you do when you turn 78 in an assisted living home... well let everyone come to you with cake, of course!!

We love you, Papaw. I love that you were always there for me, taught me to love animals and drive a tractor, and adore my two kids now. There's not a memory of my childhood that I cant trace back to you and so thankful that we're just down the road from you now. Even in our busy lives, may you know that your grandkids and great-kids love you dearly and always will. To many more....

Our Most Beautiful Little Flower Girl

On April 24, 2010 Eva Beth was the most beautiful little flower girl in Heather and Kyle Kleber's wedding. If you follow the blog, Miss Heather has made her way all throughout the life of both Eva and Kellan's story so far. I have no doubt she'll be around their lives for a very long time. What a special day for Heather & Kyle and what a special day for us as we see our angel bring joy and flower petals to the ceremony.

Excellent practicing at Friday night's rehearsal. Quite the pro!

After major thunderstorms all day, we were so thankful for the sun and clear skies that came out just an hour before. A very patient Eva waited in the "big girl" room with the help of puffs, of course.

Me and the beautiful bride

After the official business, we spent the night dancing our little rears off to all of Eva's favorite songs thanks to a very accommodating DJ. While Jon rolled his eyes more that night than I have seen in a long time, I was one proud Momma to see my little girl shake her groove thing with such rhythm!!

Its blurry but the sweetest moment of the night, of course other than the ceremony but Jon may argue even that, was the last dance with Eva and her Daddy. 

I am heartbroken the picture is blurry but the memory is not. If any Dads with daughters want a tear-jerker, Steven Curtis Chapman's "Dancing with Cinderella" is it. Jon enjoyed his time with his own Cinderella that night as I know he will for many, many years to come. These two really have something special and I am so thankful for their amazing relationship. 

What an awesome night!!

Easter Day Celebration

I am a little out of order (on many levels) but definitely overdue for an update from Easter Sunday.

I cant take credit for the brilliance in the basket idea but this year we did something a little different. "The Bunny" had the Easter Baskets done the night before then before the first child arose, we noticed a trail was left from Eva's room to the baskets. I guess he thought she may not be able to find them. It was a hit when Eva's got to use the marshmellows to get to the goodies the Easter Bunny left for them.

Then we enjoyed a great service at Fellowship followed by lunch with our best friends, the Ellemans at Springdale Country Club. We've done this before and its a great tradition for both the parents and the kids. A tad windy so the egg hunt was a mess and being the competitive one, I was frustrated by the big kids being with the little ones. Talk about putting you in your place, my sweet Eva was just thrilled to run around the open field and you should have seen the smile on Eva's face when she found the one egg she added to her basket.

Naps, playtime and egg dying wrapped up what was a wonderful Easter Sunday! He is Risen indeed!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Lieu of Official Doc Updates

Since we are a little behind on official well child checkups, I figure I'd take the chance to give you a few updates since both have been to the sick child clinic this week I actually have some "stats.".

At six months old, my sweet Kellan James is growing like a weed. I told Jon just the other day I dont feel like I have a baby anymore... and there go the tears again. He's 16 pounds, 3 ounces, sitting up on his own, rolling to wherever he wants to go, loves oatmeal, bananas, applesauce and carrots- and thats it. He's much pickier than Eva was but just as happy. This boy never doesnt have a smile on his face. He wakes up happy, stays happy and even makes happy sounds when he's sleeping. Even this week he went to the doctor for a major double ear infection and Dr. Furlow said she never would have known how bad it was because of his sweet disposition. Makes a momma proud.

Then there's Eva Beth. Where to even begin. We definitely have a full blown toddler on our hand. She's 23 pounds of firecracker and sass and honestly, wouldnt have it any other way. She says new words practically on a daily basis. She loves being outside, any food, and recently found a love for "helping." And by helping I mean helping with EVERYTHING. From taking out the trash, to washing her hands and face, putting on her own lotion, washing Kellan in the bath and even attempts to put on her own clothes. Talk about not being a baby anymore, my Eva is such a big girl now!

Continue to give credit where credit is due

I dont even know if this is allowed but I have to brag and then make the tough decision of what to order...

During my week in between jobs, we took advantage of the daytime hours and got some great shots of the kids by of course, our dearest Brooke Robinson. I mean, really? How can you not share this extreme cuteness. Please, please agree that I have two of the most beautiful children in all the world. Pinch me, please! Doesnt even seem real sometimes.

Then please, all the moms in Little Rock, take note. We discovered The Wonder Place and must give them mad props for building a million dollar idea for toddlers. I really wish we had something like this up in Northwest Arkansas or that I actually a million dollars and I'd just open one myself. Eva loved playing with cousin Abby in the dress up room, the mock-market, kitchen, craft room and on the slides. But most of all, shocker, my kid loved the water sensory area. Check out what a big girl she looks like. And of course the smile that lit up my heart!