Sunday, March 7, 2010

Most Definiately this was Sunday Funday

What a weekend! For the first time in weeks, Jon and I both said we feel like we had a real weekend. Very little work, lots of sun and especially lots of fun. Thanks Ammie for coming up and making it all so special!

And Eva says thanks for the cute new shoes!

So as promised, today ended up being a blast. We laid low most of the morning in our PJ's (as you can see) and once the sun warmed up we hit the deck for fun with our new bubble wand! Best $1.99 I have spent in a while!

(and of course like any good girl, she had to wear her new shoes all morning!)

Then after morning naps, lunch and a change of clothes, we were ready to try our the wagon! My Mom, Eva & Kellan's Mimi, got it for the kids for Christmas but of course this has really been the first time we could take it for a test drive. Let me tell you, it's a hit! I am so ready for Kellan to be big enough to join Eva. I can only imagine how much fun this is going to be!

What a day! I know its just the start of the most wonderful summer ever! C'mon warm weather, please stick around so my kiddos can have more and more fun outside again!

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