Thursday, October 29, 2009

Officially a Family of Four

KELLAN JAMES WHITTAKER makes this family officially a family of four. Our sweet baby boy made his grand arrival on Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 7:25 pm. It was quite an eventful start to the day but once we got checked in around 11 am then God blessed us with a reasonable smooth and quick labor for which I am eternally grateful for.

From the start he's all I'd prayed for! Kellan is certainly healthy - weighing in at 6 pounds, 14 ounces and 19 3/4" long and a great set of lungs! He is already such a sweet spirited little boy who has captured my heart and very hard to not sit and hold every second. He has (so far) been eating great which is a huge answer to prayer and will continue to pray that goes well. And his big sister seemed to take to him well. We'll know more about this part when we go home tomorrow but she came to meet him Wednesday night and did relatively well.

Kellan James, we are so excited you're here and very ready to take you home and love on you forever! You will always be in our heart as the best surprise God ever gave us!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Today's the Day!

Eva gets a little brother today! Its 5:15 and we're making breakfast and waiting to head to the hospital to be induced! We went to my normal 39 week appointment yesterday and much like Eva's, Mister K.J. is cooked and ready to meet us! Dr. Hinton is available today and so we went ahead and booked it and just waiting until its clear to come in. All the paperwork and blood work is complete, the car is loaded and Heather is on Eva duty. We're all set to meet the little man later today. Stay tuned for lots of fun... pictures, updates and of course his name!

Thanks everyone for the love and support you have shown all three of us over the past nine months and cant wait to now share both our kiddos lives with you!

Jon, Amanda, and Eva!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy First Birthday Eva Beth

To quote Eva's favorite saying at the end of Jack's Big Music Show... "WHAT A DAY!"

We were so excited Jon came on home last night, albeit late, but it meant he got to be home for all of Eva's First Birthday day!! Not that we hadn't celebrated three times already but we said we wanted today to be our day with her and that it was. I snapped a couple pics of the sleep birthday girl this morning before we watched our shows and had pancakes!

"Mom, I just woke up, do you have to have the camera in my face already?"

"Really, I have to be cute at 7:30 am?"

Once we sang Happy Birthday to her then I guess it was time to play!

We all three laid around the house this morning, eating breakfast and playing (great Sunday to do this) and then I wanted Jon to see what happens when he most favorite song comes on. Every morning on the way to school we seriously listen to the new Michael Franti song "Say Hey". You may think I am crazy but the kid LOVES it. She kicks her legs, smiles from ear to ear and dances the whole time. So I noticed on my DVR that he was on Ellen last week and so I played it for her when she was home sick and danced the whole time. Jon hadn't seen it so we caught her reaction on video. It's a little subdued since she wasn't used to watching him but you get the idea. I love my little music queen!!

Then was naptime #1 (yep there were two today) and we all got ready and had lunch at Jason's Deli- Jon and Eva's favorite place. Eva loves their ice creams cones, as you can tell, so on her birthday she got a special treat! She definitely has her Daddy's sweet tooth.

We spent the rest of the day running a couple errands and a couple hours at home to squeeze in nap time #2. And trust me, it wasn't just for her! Yes I even got in two nap cat naps today. We got ready and headed to our community group which is conveniently comprised of our closest friends in the whole world so we took birthday cookies and got to spend tonight with them. What a blessing to have such great friends for us and her to be around.

Night ended like most Sunday nights - getting ready for this week's school, pj's and milk, and wind down time yet I think someone was trying to stay up until her "birthtime" (10:57 pm) because she JUST went down about 20 minutes ago (yes an hour and a half past her normal time)!! I mean, we're pushovers, its her birthday, what are we going to do, tell her no?!

So here we are with a one year old. The most beautiful, sweet and brilliant one year old I have ever known- but I am bias. It still blows my mind to think about. I can still picture her tiny and fragile in my arms but instead she's all of 22 pounds and full of life. So much is happening that its hard to keep up. This week alone she's completely off formula and baby foods and full on "big girl" milk and solids, she starts a new room tomorrow with the Toddler kids, she's getting a little brother and who knows what else. We anxiously await her first steps and know they're quickly coming. So for now, we'll definitely have our hands full and really, we love every second.

We love you Eva Beth and hope you had a wonderful first birthday!
Momma and Dada

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Night Before Eva's Big Day

This post has no pictures but is full of as much love as any of them. Rather, its just the thoughts of a mother on the night before her daughter's first birthday.

As I rocked my little girl to sleep tonight I absolutely lost track of time. My breath was taken away thinking of all the nights the past year we have sat in her room and rocked, how tiny she was in my arms and now how her arms and legs overflowed my arms. Yet in those moments tonight she was not my big girl who is turning one tomorrow- she was my little girl, my angel baby I prayed for so long to arrive.

I was overcome with emotion and love for her like I have never felt. I remember being beside myself excited the day I went in the hospital- one year ago tonight. I drove to the hospital in silence since I was all sorts of nervous, scared, thrilled and curious. I waited on Jon to be there as he was driving home from Q-school much like he is tonight. I waited for the next day when I knew I'd finally meet my daughter. Somehow I think I slept a few hours but it was all without knowing the love I was about to experience.

This past year has been a whirlwind. It seems too cliche to say its flown by but it has. I have enjoyed every second of being a Mom, even more than I really think I thought I would. I love how Eva has a way of making me forget about any troubles with her smile. I love that she loves her Daddy with an unconditional love. I love that I slow down to see things from her perspective and that she's taught me how to be a better person. I love that no matter what I do or say, she thinks I am funny. I love that she loves music and that she came out kickin and still loves dancing every day. I love that she started off looking exactly like Jon and now looks more like me everyday. But really I love what she means to us. She is really everything perfect and pure in this world and I cant imagine a day without her.

I am so excited about her first birthday tomorrow. I am excited she'll be a big sister soon and that she got to at least have this first year to herself. More than anything, I look forward to each coming year with anticipation for what she'll do, learn and teach us. She's my little miracle, her Daddy's little girl and the most beautiful creation God could give us!

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him.
1 Samuel 1:27

Jon and I got a canvas with this verse painted on it when we found out we were having a girl and it is hanging in her room. I see it every night when I put her to bed. It reminds me that as I kiss her goodnight, our God is so faithful and very real!

Our Birthday Party #3

We had a very special afternoon celebrating sweet Eva's birthday one more time with my grandparents. Since neither could come to the party last weekend, my Mom put a small "party" together at my Papaw's nursing home. What a great time playing with balloons, eating a cupcake, enjoying our new books and getting some special time with them. We're so glad they're so close and love Eva so much!

We love you Mamaw and Papaw and thanks Mimi for putting it together!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Funny New Trick

I wish I had gotten this on video but now that Eva is eating solid foods, dinner time has gotten oh so enjoyable. And I am for once not being sarcastic. She has loved practically everything we've given her so far and tonight was some of her favs. The best is that she now wants to "do it herself" which really means she holds the spoon in one hand and uses the other to pick up her food. Well somehow or another tonight she found it hysterical to put the spoon in her mouth and when she'd bite on it, it would go up and down. I guess I must have laughed so hard that now she'll do her "trick" then giggle super hard and do it again. If she did it once, she must have done this twenty times tonight. I am such a sucker Mom because everytime made me laugh. Just seeing the amazement on her face as she realizes she did something new was awesome. I'll never get over that part!

So yes, part of her birthday was the purchase of a new Flip Video Camera. Over the next few days, weeks, months Jon and I just knew that moments like these would become priceless and with little man's arrival we didn't want either of us to miss a moment. So get excited, more video will be added to the blog I am sure!

Love My Big Girl Chair

Ever since I have been pregnant with Eva I have known I wanted her to have one of these great Pottery Barn Kid chairs. However as the first birthday got closer I quickly realized all we'd spent on her and figured this may have to wait until Christmas. Well thank you Mister UPS because today he delievered the best gift! Three of my great friends and Eva's adopted "aunts" went in, knowing I wanted her to have this, and got it for her for her birthday. I can just see her spending her mornings watching her shows in it, curled up and being a big girl!

It was definitely a hit as I suspected. She was so excited when I put it together, played on it by throwing herself into it over and over and then was so proud to sit in it like the big girl she is. Even tonight she was great to sit in it with her nini while I made her nighttime bottle. I think I may like this more than she does now that I dont have to worry about her falling off the couch or the bed!

Thanks Heather, Jess and Christy for the best birthday present ever!

New Found Freedom

This morning I was getting ready to take Eva and to school and I realized it was awfully quiet. From my closet I couldnt see where she was and for a good reason. I turned the corner only to see this...

I guess someone has discovered what happens when you spin the toilet paper! Busted!

Sleepy Sunday

After all of Saturday's party festivities and Jon got on the road for Alabama, Eva and I decided to take a day to ourselves and recuperate!? She was so sweet and super snuggly all day so I enjoyed snapping a few pics of our time together.

Watching our favorite shows in Momma's bed!

This was after 5 minutes of letting Eva sort the ads! Doesnt take long to pull out all the pages and our toys, throw the sippy cup and off to play somewhere else. In fact, I think this whole scene was created in under five minutes. Way to go!

Snuggling up with Mom for our second nap of the day (there were three total!)

And of she went. She slept here for an hour and I didnt mind one bit.

It was a good thing we both laid low. After Sunday's time together, we were both feeling so much better. Despite how beautiful it was outside, Eva and I didnt leave the house all day and thats fine by me. These days wont be the same much longer so I'll take them when I can.

Pumpkin Patch Party Girl

If anyone knows me they know I am not the biggest fan of Halloween as a holiday so with a child who's birthday will always be so close I opted to have a party themed more in line with Fall and Pumpkins than ghosts and goblins. The First Birthday has to set the tone for this and a Pumpkin Patch Party seemed like the perfect fit. Even in 45 degree, overcast weather I think it was a success. What a great way to celebrate our little Eva than with all her family, our most wonderful, special friends, snacks and pumpkins. It was a very special day for Jon and I and certainly appreciate everyone coming out and joining in the fun!!

Mommy and Eva as she told us she was turning "one"

Dad showing off her new coat and trying to get her to walk to the party- both look cute so thats all that matters.
"Yes, I am turning one. Now will you guys stop making me tell you!" -Eva

The grandmothers - Mimi, Ammie and JJ

Dad had my hood on and I kind of look like Yoda now, Thanks Dad!

The awesome grandparents (and Aunt and Cousin) who all were there for E's big day!
(Love the faces on everyone, I feel like could/should have a caption for each but will refrain!)

E's friends enjoying painting the pumpkins they picked out

The awesome birthday cake we all enjoyed

And Eva's very own that she soon devoured!

I think the girl liked the cake part! No forcing this one to try it. :-)

The beautiful view of a NWA fall pumpkin patch. Makes me happy!

Someone sacked out from all the fun for the last hour though. Under the coat and her nini actually is my child but she kind of looks like a ball of blanket right now.

The Orr Family shot with a sleeping birthday girl, sleeping cousin Sawyer and Luke but two very excited Wilson girls ready to play! So glad you were all here!

Loaded up and ready to go. Of course she woke up as soon as we got in the car.

So we had to open presents at the house which you'll see was no problem. Christmas should be a blast now that she knows what to do! Thanks for the help and advice from Helen and Caroline. Such great big cousins!

All done and ready for bath and bedtime. Thanks everyone for making Eva's day so great and special. We'll always treasure this day.

First Sickly Kiddo

There has been so much going on around our house as you can tell from previous post and you'll see shortly. In the midst of it all though, Eva gave us a nice little flu scare. Last Tuesday I got the "Eva has a fever" call from school no parent ever wants. And fever she did. That night she stayed in my bed where I watched it drop and spike as high as 101.8 so Wednesday morning I obvioulsy kept her home and Jon and I took her to the doctor. With all the swine flu going around I'd rather be safe than sorry. I love our pediatric clinic but really, the doctor said "It could be swine flu, it could be teething or something in between." So we came home with us both having a Rx for Tamiflu and proceeded to snuggle and stay inside as instructed for the next 48 hours. The fever broke that night and we spent the next few days with just a tired little munchkin.

Fortunately both of us were totally fine. Eva went back to school Friday and fought a little fussiness through her birthday party but life was back to normal by Sunday. Just in time for Jon to leave for Q School. I am so thankful it must have just been something viral that passed with time. God must have known that my birthday girl and a 38 week preggo Momma needed to deal with that!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Eva's First Wildlife Adventure

So I began thinking about things I wanted to do with Eva before her little brother came along. Taking her to the zoo was on the list. The Gentry Drive Thru Zoo became our only option since LR and Tulsa were a tad too far. It was cool but not raining last Sunday which meant Jon, Eva and I loaded up after church, picked up Heather who had been looking for a zoo excuse and headed 20 miles west. Its amazing what you can do with acres of land in BFE Arkansas. Enjoy the video of our 2 hour adventure.

KJ's Room Update

Its taken a little while but our little man's room is finally coming together. As of last weekend the majority of the furniture was in, I loaded the dresser with cute pajamas, burp cloths and diapers and we moved E's gender neutral stuff into his room! I have to always give credit to the best designer ever! Myra Graves helped us get the room together and man does she always over deliver. I am so excited about the last few pieces coming in this week, finding a bookcase and a rug and then adding him in person! Here's a sneak peak into where we were as of last Saturday night.

Also I am officially 37 weeks and full term. Praise the Lord the end is in sight. I am so ready for him to be here on the outside and give my body a much needed break! Despite the constant contractions and "soreness", Dr. Hinton is convinced he's content and will stay put until Jon gets home from Q School. So we're packed and ready but still on track for the end of October. He's currently measuring a little small (like Eva so no surprise) and right at 6 pounds. We just continue to pray he's healthy and as excited to see us as we are to see him.

Until then we'll just soak up our time with Eva, enjoy our family at her birthday party, and get through first stage of q school. That should keep us occupied for the next 10 days!


Had to add our first attempt at a picture of Sawyer and Eva together. It was the best we could get so hoping at the birthday party this weekend we'll have more chances!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Eva is a Big Cousin!

Praise the Lord, Sawyer Lain Dennis arrived at midnight Saturday, October 3, 2009!!
Weighing 7 pounds, 9 ounces and was 19" of pure perfection. Lauren had what seemed like the quickest first labor I'd ever heard of. Eva and I loaded up and heading to Little Rock as soon as she was admitted into Baptist Medical Center Friday afternoon. Never would have thought that she'd be ready to deliver by 10 that night! She progressed very quickly only to be greeted with the daunting "pushing" task that lasted an hour and a fifty minutes! She was nothing short of incredible and was determined to meet this man as soon as possible. Since Lauren and Josh didnt find out the gender until that moment I am sure it brought on with overwhelming relief and excitement. And how cool that he came at midnight. No joke the contraction clock said 10/3/09 0000:00. Way to go!

It was a great night with family there to support Josh and Lauren and meet the little man but with all the exhaustion and pain we waited a little longer to find out his name. But all of it was worth the wait. Being the Type A first born child, I cant even imagine waiting 39+ weeks to find all this out but I gotta say it was so cool.

I was so thankful to be there and admire my sister so much. She's been the best sister and aunt anyone could ask for and have no doubt she'll be the very best mother to Sawyer!! Here are just a few shots from the weekend so far.

Eva was dead asleep when we went to visit Sawyer today and so her first 30 minutes with him was actually nap time for them both with Lauren (and apparently with Uncle Josh too if you look to the left of the pic)

But once they were both up it was pure joy! Eva was so excited and very intrigued with her new little cousin. She definitely wanted to play with him more than I think he was ready for but it gave me such joy to see her interact with him and picture her "teaching" and "playing" with Sawyer and our baby K very soon. These boys have no idea what they're in store for.

Josh and Lauren are too cute for words with him as well. Just lots of love and kisses and snuggles. Sawyer has no shortage of love and attention in this family!

Check out the cutie!! Lauren is tired and still in pain but such a trooper and been such a pleasure all day. We'll go see her some more tomorrow before heading back to Northwest Arkansas but how we'll be able to stay away is beyond me. I teared up tonight just thinking about how much he's going to change over the next couple of weeks. Its amazing what these little people do to change our lives. I wouldnt have it any other way.

For as excited as Jon, Eva and I are to welcome our little nephew/cousin in the world I wish Josh and Lauren all the thrills, joys, sleep, cries, and blessings this little man will bring them. I am so proud of them and know they're going to be great parents. Sawyer Lain is a very lucky man!


We love you and so glad you're here healthy, beautiful and just perfect!