Friday, August 29, 2008

30 Weeks and Counting

Jon and I really wanted to make sure and capture how special this pregnancy is to us so of course the only way to do this is for our dear friend, Brooke, to do what she does best -capture the best moments of our lives. Below are the bests of the photo shoot. What an awesome way to remember this part of Eva's life.

The parents anxiously awaiting Eva Beth's arrival

30 weeks along... November will be here before we know it 

This is my absolute favorite. Does it get any sweeter than my wonderful family?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bed is completed!

Ok so maybe I am emotional or maybe I am just so happy this is completed but I seriously teared up when I got home from work and this is what I saw.

I have been working with the most wonderful designer ever, Myra Graves (if anyone needs someone for a kids room/playroom she's the best). She's been helping me for the past month bring my nursery vision to life and man has she ever. Tonight she and her husband brought the finished bed that Myra painted and distressed herself and the custom made bedding we picked out over. They were so sweet to have it set up so that when I got home it was just as it would look! I have to say it turned out even better than I'd pictures so I had to show it off.

She's now helping us refinish a dresser we already had (that I had no idea would work but she's convinced it will), find a rug and have the window treatments made. So this is happening in phases but in about 2-3 weeks it should all be totally done. Then all we need are pictures, books and baby Eva to make it complete.

Here are some more close ups of the bed. I am going to hold off posting any more until its all done... so until then...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Sallie is here

Of all my friends who are pregnant, Rich & Renee had the first due date. So now the fun has officially begun!

I was so blessed to be at the hospital (Willow Creek) when Sallie Grace Morris entered this world. Mom Renee did amazing. She was in great spirits and relaxed so much so that she really set the bar high. Labor went great at so at 2:49 pm on Sunday, August 24, 2008, one of Eva's first of many friends came into the world. At 7lbs 10 oz she was beautiful and calm and just the most precious baby. When I held Sallie, Eva even kicked like crazy! I love that they are already playing together. Of course I cried the moment I got there, when we first heard Sallie crying and when I walked in the room and saw Rich & Renee oohing and awing over this little angel. Renee's Mom, Dad and brother were there too and really made the day special. Friends were beginning to come and go to celebrate the day I left and let them have their time. I swear though, I could have stayed all day and stared at this little life. So needless to say, I am already anxiously awaiting when I get to go see them again.

I am really looking forward to all these babies growing up together and us proud Momma's watching the little girls turn into beautiful, wonderful little ladies!

Bekah Phelen, Momma Morris and me when she was at a ten. It was go time!

The happy Morris family... all 3 of them!

Baby Sallie and her Aunt Amanda

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Eva's Room Progress

Well, the room is finally painted!! Its was a 4 day process but with Allyn's help its all done. Now we're ready for the crib and bedding to be here Monday! Out to look for a dresser today. More updates to come as it begins to come together. (as you can see I always had my other special helpers on hand!) 

Friday, August 22, 2008

Dad's Trip to the Beach

Ok so Eva should know that after almost 9 years of us being together, getting Jon to really relax is near impossible. 

But finally in Destin it happened. To commemorate the moments, I made a video for him to go back to whenever he needed to remember what real relaxation is. 

I have actually found myself the last couple weeks since we got home watching it more than he probably does. This made me think it may be worth sharing. For those of you who know Jon, you may find enjoyment out of it. If not, Eva will love seeing Daddy at his finest!

I love you, angel.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Cousin News!

Big news today! Eva is going to have another GIRL cousin. Jon and I are so excited that my brother Jim and sister-in-law Donna found out they are also having a little girl come January 09. I have enjoyed sharing this whole experience with Donna for the past 20ish weeks (since she's been pregnant) and now am looking forward to the girls growing up together! 

Baby Eva's Progress to Date

Ok I gave in. I decided that at seven months pregnant I should begin to document this incredible, miracle of a journey of bringing Eva into this world.

The journey to get here has been filled with hope, excitement, disappointment to overwhelming joy and admiration. The Lord has given us two special pregnancies before this third one that will always be dear to my heart for many reasons but this little girl that is now growing inside me will have my whole heart forever. 

We found out at the first of March 2008 that Jon and I were pregnant, again. It was a total surprise and really no other way to say it, but a miracle. After two years of unsuccessful trying and two miscarriages, Jon and I had decided it was just not our time and to take a 6 month break. My baby sister had just gotten married so my focus had been on her. So much that the week I got back I came down with bronchitis. So I survived it with Robitussin and a Zpack. In the midst of my illness the good Lord decided to bless us with a baby- when we least expected it. When we had let go of controlling it and gave into His perfect timing. Even the doctor told us at our first appt (6 weeks) that sometimes the Lord does things even we cant explain. We set the due date for November 5, 2008 and the journey began.

So for the first probably 10 weeks I was so careful and cautious. We didnt tell many people as I didnt think I could handle getting ahead of myself but the bi-weekly doctor's visits helped calm my nerves and when I saw her heart beating I breathed for the first time in a long while. We were really having this baby and we couldn't have been happier.

At 10 weeks we began spreading the good news. Everyone has been so amazing and supportive through it all. The next few weeks I enjoyed telling the news -whether I wanted to or not because of the extreme morning sickness I experienced! I was just so thankful for this baby that even in the exhaustion and sickness I was praising the Lord for the constant reminders the baby was growing and fine.

Then finally at 14 weeks I began to feel more "normal" again - a word I dont think I've yet to really use. Normal has definitely changed. But my energy came back at least. I made it to work before 9:30 and I was able to really enjoy being pregnant. Dr. appts went great. Parkhill Clinic in Johnson is fabulous and I know that Eva and I are in good hands.

So at our 19 week appointment when Jon was home for the Hooters Tour - Bentonville tournament and with friends and family in town, we found out that we were in fact having a Baby GIRL! Jon and I both were grinning from ear to ear and loved seeing how she had grown and developed. We watched the video probably 10 times (or at least I did) and still sometimes cant believe it when I tell people. Jon and I knew right away what hr name would be. After all we'd been through, we chose Eva for her first name because it means "Giver of Life". Wonderfully enough we found out it was also Jon's great-grandmother. Her middle name is going to be Beth, named after my Aunt Beth Douglass. She is just an amazing woman with strength I only pray that I had a fraction of and has been a great example of a godly woman in my life. I know she'll carry both names well and will fit her to a tee. Adding this baby girl to our sweet family just feels so right and just the perfect next chapter in our lives.

So I go to my monthly appointments. I am trying to eat well although I have gained 23 pounds to date. Guess this girl needs some extra cushion. Jon and I enjoyed a nice trip away just the two of us to Scottsdale to do some serious food eating (maybe that explains the weight gain) and made a haul at two babystyle stores! No matter what, Eva will be well dressed. Then we went with friends to Destin for our last, no kid, beach trip. While Jon and I had the most wonderful time and enjoyed the quiet and tranquility of the beach we are both really looking forward to next summer when we can take Eva with our family back down there. Life is really changing and I can definitely see it'll be for the better.

Childbirth classes started last week and they're so fun. Man, childbirth is quite an ordeal but I find great peace in knowing that we women were designed to do this. I know that with my great coach, Allyn, with my loving husband and my friends and family who will be there, I'll be in great hands and expect all to go well.

So that catches us up to now. I'll be 29 weeks tomorrow. Eva's room is well under way. The bedding and crib should be done and here this weekend. One my very best friend's Allyn helped us tape the room and we're going to try and have it painted by the time the crib gets here. I started my list of everything I need to do between now and Nov and I am feeling good. 

I'll use this page to track her progress from here, to post pictures of me up to the time she's here. But really I wanted to have this so when Eva is here with us, I can post all the fun details for everyone to follow. With all the fun and excitement that this pregnancy has brought- the best part will be sharing it with all our family, our friends and watch Eva grow up to be a beautiful and strong little girl.

Stay tuned for future updates!!