Sunday, March 7, 2010

Swings- check, Sun- check, Fun Day- double check!

This whole weekend has been so much fun, a much needed three days of fun and laugh. 

Starting off, we had Jon's mom in town for the weekend. Ammie always makes the weekend better! Friday night we just hung out at the Catfhish Hole where we stuffed our faces and topped it off with Shakes. No pictures because my hands were full but trust me, Eva is a big fan of both!

Saturday started off dress shopping as you saw and then our little girl was exhausted so she got a nap and her second wind. After lunch we loaded up and headed, of course, outside. It was 66 and sunny!!! Hooray for Spring FINALLY being here. I have a feeling the park is going to be a regular hot spot for us now that Eva recognizes it. We got to Wilson park where she proceeded to beeline it for the swings. Three times we tried to take her to a different place and she was content and thrilled where she was.

We did try the slides again but it was so crowded that was kind of tough. She got to run around in the open area alot which was fantastic! After the park we were on to Target for a couple treats. New shoes and clothes for our summer beach trip were top items on our list. Can you tell the Whittakers are ready for warm weather!

On Sundays to-do list, bubbles and wagon rides. Stay tuned.

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Jessica Harriman said...

Amanda, you look great! Love the pony on top of Eva's head! I so enjoy reading about your family!