Sunday, July 26, 2009

Baby Boy Making Progress

Equally exciting as all of Eva's news is the progress on our baby boy. 

Pre-Natal Progress:
I am 26 weeks now and still a rather uneventful but wonderful pregnancy. I have been more physically tired this time but crawling around with a 9 month old, working, strolling, diaper changes are a little more difficult when you're packing an extra 15 pounds! But cant really complain. At least this time I can brush it off and know that a little leg numbness, soreness and back aches are all worth it when they arrive.

I go back to the doctor tomorrow and will let you know if anything changes from the above but the fun stuff is really what this post is all about.

Room Progress:
We made BIG progress this weekend on moving within our own house. The guest room is officially moved to upstairs and affectionately now known as the guest suite. The bonus room upstairs that Jon once envisioned as a game room/man room is now ready for anyone who wants to come stay with us full equipped with luxe accomdations such as your own second floor room with a private full bath, high thread count bedding, 42" LCD TV, Playstation 3, all the reading and picture perusing you could want.

Now munchkin #2's room is ready to begin painting and filling. I met with our wonderful designer, Myra Graves last week and decided on color schemes and the vision for the room so I'll post more as that comes together but think browns, creams and teals! Painting is next so as you can see the room is cleared and ready to be a darker shade of brown, probably like a chocolate brown.  I hung up the clothes I have bought and received to begin filling the closet, folded blankets and pjs until we find a dresser and took inventory of what all we need- which thankfully isnt as much as we thought. Its really starting to come together which is so exciting for two very Type A planner parents!

Name Progress:
I know you all have been awaiting an update on what we have decided to name him and I can confidently say Jon and I have 100% decided on his name.

However, much differently than last time with Eva we have decided to keep his name a secret!! Naming a boy has been a much bigger task that either of us expected and so when we were in St. Louis, with our minds cleared and time to actually discuss, make lists, etc it came to us! We came home and thanks to the McKinneys for loading us up with books we dug through ever possible boy name we could, make top 10, top 5 lists narrowed it down to make sure were thinking of everything, everyone, every name and was thrilled to realize we liked the same name we left Missouri with. 

The only clue we're giving people is that his initials are K.J.W.

Knock yourself out guessing but we're not telling! Good news is because it took us so long to decide, you'll fortunately only have to wait a little less than 14 weeks to find out!

We've come along way with this little man and are over the moon excited to bring him into our family and grow to love him more and more everyday! 

And we're off...

Saturday, July 25th was a big day for Eva Beth. Not only did she turn 9 months old but she made the day memorable by it also being the first day she crawled on her own! Its very hard to get photos of a mobile event (note to self, time to start looking for a video camera) but here is the best I could do. She'd get so excited and get going. The furthest she went was about four feet but it was so precious. I know our world will totally change now but I wouldn't change it for anything. 

And my favorite part is when she gets where she's going she looks up at you like "hey, did you see what I just did!?" 

So watch out world. E is on the move and there's no stopping her! 

And again, happy 9 month birthday my angel. We cant imagine our life without you and so thankful for everything you do- every look, every snuggle, every kiss- each and every day. 

Worth the Wait

I was beginning to wonder if my child was ever going to have teeth. I know my Mom said I was nine months before I got mine but I kept thinking surely E's would come sooner. She's been "teething" for months on end and we finally saw the product of the drool and teething tablets two weeks ago! One came through and then seriously two days later the second popped up! So we now have two precious little teeth which she proudly shows off. This week I have been trying to teach her to say "Cheese!" and this is what happens when she responds. Cant wait for the next ones. Its so fun now that she's becoming quite the big girl!

First it was just us two...

Jon has been talking about taking a weekend trip just me and him for month now. Well finally we did it. No kids, just us on a long weekend to St. Louis. I was very reluctant at first but we compromised by only being gone two nights and two of them E was in school so I would still have a full day with her. 

It proved to be such a great weekend. Eva stayed in her normal routine thanks to the help of Heather and we were off to the Gateway City. We enjoyed great food, stayed with great new friends, did a little shopping and poolside relaxing but truly we just enjoyed our time talking and being the two of us. 

Soon, very soon, that two will double to four and I am so thankful we took this time out. We missed our Eva so much and was dying to get back but loved knowing she was in great hands the whole time. The pictures below are ones that Heather sent us while we were gone so we could see how happy and cute she remained!

Heather picking up E from school!

We do love Puffs and Heather figured out quickly they're the only way to enjoy dinner out!

Quite the morning ray of sunshine- even at 6:30 am!

Playing with my toys waiting on Mom and Dad to get home!

I highly recommend to any parents either before their first, second or any subsequent child to take a few days to themselves. As hard as it was to be away it was great for all of us and we feel ready to enjoy the next three months with Eva awaiting little man's arrival!

Updates, Updates and More Updates

My sincere apologies for not updating the blog more often. Life with the Whittakers has been slightly crazy these last few weeks so enjoy the next few posts as I try and catch you up.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Good Case of the Mondays

I cant seem to explain to anyone how much I look forward to picking up Eva from school everyday, but Monday was especially exciting. For some reason after long weekends together I have a harder time leaving her so by the time 5:30 rolls around I am dying to get to her. So of course I was so happy to see her smiling face at school and get her home to play! She's just so fun right now and have a blast watching her explore new toys, try new things, and finally seeing the first tooth start to cut through. Here is a picture of the beautiful girl I get to spend my nights with!

And even better than the fun I have picking her up and playing, after a bath and a bottle, there's nothing better than snuggling up on the couch until she falls asleep. Last night was amazing because just as she was snuggling up to me, I could feel baby boy kicking and moving around as if telling me not to forget about him too. I am really not that Mom who "loves" being pregnant but he's made this go round so easy on me that I am actually getting to enjoy it a little more. So I find myself excited about the days when they're both curled up with us like this but for the next few months I am soak up every minute with Eva being my only baby (in my arms that is!) 

Before we know it our life will be chasing around a toddler and caring for a newborn so in these sweet quiet moments, I find myself thanking God for every stroke on her arm and face, every breath and every smile I get to experience with these little angels.

I am one very lucky Mommy! (and yes, Jon is one very lucky Daddy too)

Our Favorite Times

Spending our long 4th of July weekend in Little Rock is something we look forward to every year but it just keeps getting more fun every year. Jon and I would always watch the fireworks at Pleasant Valley from the time we started dated and continue each year. In 2006 Abby was born on the 4th and made that time so special and now we get to celebrate with all our favorite family because of it. This year we celebrate her third birthday with pool fun, family time, time at PV and of course a night of fireworks that Abby appropriately calls "her fireworks!"

Leaving on Sunday was so difficult but I know one day we'll get time together like this all the time. Until then we'll take what we can get and be thankful for technology and the 180 mile drive that connects us.

Eva playing at the golf course. Abby wanted to feed the ducks so Jon and Ron took the girls on a golf cart to feed them. Didnt get any pics of that but thought this one was super sweet!

Let the party begin....

Waiting on the fireworks at Pleasant Valley CC....

Happy Fourth of July, 2009, everyone!

Jon, Amanda & Eva (and baby w)