Monday, September 28, 2009

My Very, Very Happy Post of the Day!

In all the chaos of our lives, all of the saddness, stress and business I find in my life, its moments like this when I feel like I am the luckiest girl in the whole world.

So in lieu of a big baby shower this go round I said all I wanted was a fun night out with the girls. And thats exactly what I got this last Saturday! This picture makes me smile ear to ear as a reminder that I have the best most beautiful (inside and out) friends!

Thank you for making the night so special, for baby k's wonderful goodies (the Target card is even already spent) and for the constant love and support the last 34 weeks! I can not wait for him to come into a world where you all are around.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

9.25.09- 11 Months Old

Time goes by way too fast the moment you want it to slow down!!! I cant believe Eva turned 11 months old last Friday on the 25th. She's doing so much I dont even know how to list it all. Even over the weekend she stood on her own!! No steps yet but her balance is unreal. It wont be long. Jon leaves for two weeks tomorrow and we're kind of hoping she'll wait until he gets back but we'll see. Definitely time to invest in a video camera. So at 11 months she weighed in at 21.8 pounds, I have ordered the toddler seat and cleaned out her closet of most of her clothes smaller than 9 months for sure but we're on our way to the 12 month old section!

Here's a quick photo I snapped of our little 11 month old before heading off to school. Such a big girl and excited to be planning her first birthday party festivities! We love you munchkin!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Like her Daddy

There must be something fascinating about golf with infants but Eva has discovered that her Daddy has these awesome toys (aka golf clubs and golf balls) that I can play with too. She's quick to grab them anytime Jon leaves clubs around the house and even better is when he's putting, she'll chase and pick up the golf balls. Its too cute.

What impresses me the most is she gets it. When we were in Florida Jon was testing out a new putter on this silly little putting green and as Jon would hit them she'd go get them and put them in the cup! Seriously? How does a 10 month understand that. She even helped pick out the putter he bought. (ok not exactly but she and I like to think so)

Then they were "playing" in the living room and she totally remembered. Jon said he'd hit the ball and she'd go get it and bring it to him. What a sweet little skill! Its like Jon's very own little caddy! Atta girl making Da-Da proud.

It Happens When You're a Working Mother

I have to brag a little on my dear husband. I love my job but I gotta say, work has been work these days. Its uncertain, hectic and just plain tough lately but Jon has been nothing but supportive and understanding. Being 33 weeks pregnant and really stressed isnt the best combination, add on top of that my weekends to rest have been full of activity, and my nights arent exactly sound sleeping. Needless to say I've been a little tired. So when I found out I had to yes, go into work, last Sunday, Jon was right there to at least appear excited about an afternoon with Eva. Sounds like they had fun together and he was sweet enough to send me pictures throughout the day/night. I missed them terribly but loved that I could focus on what I needed to get done knowing they were having a great time together.

I know these days of just the two of them only happen every now and then so while I get a little jealous I am very thankful. Eva LOVES her Daddy so much and think its because she sees how much I love him. :-)

Thanks Jon for being such a supportive husband even when you dont want to be but also for being the best Dad Eva could ever ask for. I know you'll be the best to K.J. too. Me and the kids are so lucky to have you and love you more everyday.

Crazy to Think About

While I update all this great info on Eva Beth, its crazy to sit and think that in just five weeks, I'll have two kids to keep you all updated on. My how this second go round has flown by. My checkups are now bi-monthly and I should go to weekly after tomorrow. I have been feeling good, not great but good. Baby K has been much harder on my physically but I attribute most of that to two things A) I just did this B) I am chasing around a very mobile and active 10 month old. So put that on top of all the regular pregnancy "joys" and you may know why I say I am doing just fine. I have had more Braxton-Hicks contractions with him than I remember having with Eva so bad they take my breath away sometimes and I am gaining weight in totally different ways but unfortunately still gaining the same amount (even though I swore I'd "do better" this time).

People keep asking me if "we're ready" and I guess my answer is "sure". I mean, It doesnt feel real to me still. Other than the physical reminders, I don't feel like I am having another baby in only 5 weeks but I guess the realization that its really happening is beginning to sink in. I know what to expect with labor so I am not near as afraid of that this time, I know what to expect when he comes home, and doing all I know to do to prepare a one year old as best as you can for a new little brother. So if thats ready, then sure. I can say without a doubt I am excited beyond belief to meet him and to be DONE being pregnant thats for dang sure! Jon would agree, I think we might actually get more sleep after he arrives than what we're getting now!

So when my sister was here this past weekend just going through things for her baby's preparation, it prompted me to finally sit down and do a little of my own planning. I got all excited, pulled out his notebook and made my hospital packing list, figured out the things I still need to go purchase and the things I still need to do. While usually a good to do list is therapeutic for me, I think it sent me into a tizzy. All his bedroom furniture and bedding should be done this week so I'll for sure post pictures then and I know I need to scan his 3D pics and add them to the blog (even though I feel like they are so similar I could just repost Eva's and you'd know what they look like).

My last day in the office is currently planned for October 23rd and so my goal is just to keep him cooking until the following week then if he doesn't come on his own, I'll be shocked if I go past that weekend. My wonderful doctor said she highly doubts I'll go past the 29th and wouldn't be at all shocked if he comes before E's birthday but I am hoping and praying that's not the case. We shall know more over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I need to finish out K's room, we have a niece or nephew that should arrive in the next two weeks and a little princess's birthday party to plan so I am sure there will be lots happening around house.

I promise to keep the blog more updated... ha... ok let me rephrase that, I promise to try.

Go Hogs Go

This past weekend marked the start of one of my very favorite seasons... College Football and more specifically- RAZORBACK FOOTBALL. Its amazing how much I have looked forward to game days but really now I look forward to them very differently. While not long ago it was because we could tailgate all day long until we were exhausted yet somehow find the extra adrenaline to cheer on the hogs for four additional hours then tailgate some more afterward, not long ago, all I worried about what "what time did we leave so I know if the dog is ok" and not long ago, the college kids we sit by entertained me.

The college kids still somewhat entertain me, I still would love to tailgate all day long... but what I looked forward to the most this year was getting Eva in her cheerleading uniform, teaching her to call the hogs and then knew I'd be happy if I would just be able to enjoy the majority of the game! Fortunately all were achieved! Yes here is somewhat of the proof I have that whenever I would do the very famous "wooooooo pig sooie" and raise my arms, Eva would smile really big, raise her arms and scream. I tried to capture some of this as proof of our success.

As for the game experience, I didnt quite make it to tailgate this go round (unless you count grabbing a water, two oreos tailgating, and Jon who'd been there for 5 hours already tailgating) but thanks to Mimi I did make it to the game and was able to enjoy the whole thing. To be clear, enjoying it meant I got to watch it. There's nothing enjoyable about defeat thanks to a lousy defense and knowing that my Georgia friend would be ready to brag Monday but the weather was nice, I felt great, Jon was actually in attendance and I knew Eva was having a blast. Not much more a Mom can ask for.

Mommy and Eva before the Arkansas vs Georgia Home Game!
Here's to many more awesome Razorback memories throughout the season!

More Growing Up On Our Hands

I am sure all the other moms out there will understand that once you have a mobile child the ability to capture it on camera, much less sit down to document it all, goes away. Thankfully I have caught a few moments tonight to catch up!

There arent as many pics of all thats been going on so I'll share what I can. Over the past couple of weeks, we've made lots of big girl strides! We can now wave hi and bye in context! (Before she could do the motion but didnt know why) Eva is 21 pounds and clearly stable enough to pull up on everything, walk a few steps around the table or beside whatever it is she's holding on to. She has discovered that clapping her hands is super fun and especially enjoys it whenever we turn on Jack's Big Music Show (still her favorite show of all). Jon and I are having so much fun watching our little angel explore her new world with so much freedom and excitement. Nighttimes have never been better and actually dread putting her to sleep now because I love watching all she does. The little riding/walking car that our cousin Abby shared with us has been a huge hit. She loves walking with it, although Mom gets nervous since the wheels move faster than her little legs, but really she likes riding it. And by riding it, I mean sitting on it, pulling the handles and pushing herself back into the walls! So cute.

Its so amazing to Jon and I both that she's so aware of her world. She's on the verge of moving to the toddler room at her school as soon as she can get a little more comfortable standing and eating a few more solid foods. But once that happens her whole world will change, as will ours. She's really into mimicking whatever you do from sounds, to hand motions to just cuddling. Its so incredible and I am amazed by her everyday.

So one of my best moments of the day has been when I put her down at night. She's so sweet all the time, but the times we just snuggle and rock are the ones I know I will cherish as those are about to have to be shared. So for as big as she seems to me during the day, for the fact that I cant believe I am planning her first birthday, I love sneaking in her room before I go to bed to be reminded that to me, she'll always be my little girl.

Highchair Hilarity

When we get home from school we have dinner and its usually pretty typical.. veggie, fruit, cheese and water. But this particular night we see Miss Eva's little personality coming out when food wasnt on her mind but rather entertaining Mom. I cant even believe I got pictures of this because I was too busy laughing hysterically but fortunately for you all - I did!! Check out the progression of what happens with a little attention and laughter...

So after all the laughing, screaming, faces and fun, Mom made her dinner. I cant remember what I had because it doesnt matter. What I remember most about this night was it was one of the very first times Eva was in the kitchen floor and I turned around to see our little "baby" pulled up and pulling the magnets off the side of the fridge. It was the realization mobility had kicked in and our little girl was definitely now our big girl.

Family Photos from Rosemary Beach

The very last night we were in Florida we took the girls (Eva and Abby) down to Rosemary Beach for their family night. Lots to do and see but while Abby waited in line to get her face painted our family photography "aka Uncle Ron" snapped a few photos of us. So here are the official 2009 Beach Photos while we're still a family of three. Next year... well, you know the story.

The Whole Sha-bang!

So its taken a couple weeks but they're finally up... the official vacation pictures from our week in Santa Rosa Beach. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We're Back...Santa Rosa Beach 2009

I cant even begin to explain how wonderful it was to spend time in Florida as a family of three, and with the other Whittakers- Ron, Gerritt & Abby and of course JJ and Pa.

We had the most awesome week, less relaxing than expected but better than ever before! There are so many great pictures, memories and stories to share but for now- its 11 pm and I'll have to post them all when I get some more time. For now though, just wanted our blogging friends to know we're home and alive and will share a ton more soon!

The Whittakers