Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Eva wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!

Time with Mimi

Wednesday night my Mom, Eva's Mimi, came by to love on her and of course we had to get pictures. She was so alert an then crashed - which is pretty typical. Check out their time together.

Eva's First Bath

Wednesday night was Eva's first bathtime. Mom was very excited about it because there is nothing better than the new baby smell and so I was ready to just snuggle with her and her bay lotioned self. It went so well. She wasnt too sure about it but afterward she sure sacked out and slept so well. So in my mind it was a success!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

BFF's come to play

Eva has had so many visitors. It apparent to both Jon and I that this little girl is loved beyond reason. Today we had some of Eva's best friends come and play. Davis and Carley came to the hospital with Allyn to meet her Sunday but being in the hospital was a little scary to them. So being at the house was so sweet. They both loved holding her and giving her kisses! We are so excited to have them as friends.

So after they left, Evelyn brought Claire by so the girls could finally meet. Ev was in Arkadelphia when Eva was born so we were so excited to see them Wednesday. Even in 10 minutes you could tell they were going to be best buds. The picture isnt the best but they sure were cute together. And wow- I know she's tiny but Eva looked so small next to Claire and they're only 3 weeks apart. She's got some catching up to do :-)

First Doctor Visit

So our first family trip out was to Eva's doctor checkup. All went great and wanted to share the experience with all of you. First of all, I am so thankful that Eva LOVES her car seat. She just goes right to sleep in it and made us feel so good about taking her anywhere. 

So we felt very parental at the doctor. I had all these forms that I had to fill out for her and realized she is really our responsibility now. But then we just acted like tourists taking pictures of the whole thing :-) I am sure we werent the first new parents to do this. After seeing the pics I am sure glad we did.

All checked out great with her. After a night of being worried I was feeding her enough, it was super encouraging to see that she's now 6 lbs 4 oz. Thats a 12 oz weight gain in 3 days! (Jon thinks she needs to start doing crunches- hehe) All of her vitals were perfect and she's a wonderfully healthy baby. What more could I ask for. She's healthy, beautiful and growing. We are so blessed!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Going Home - Monday, October 27

After such a wonderful experience at Willow Creek, we were ready for our experience to be at home. So we left the hospital with Eva in tow around 1 pm Monday. Here we go into the next chapter of our lives.

Daddy and Mommy taking Eva home

All bundled up and ready to go home

Jon patiently waiting for the doctor's to make their rounds so we could go home.

Paperwork coming with us for her baby book

Her bag all packed...

... and was welcomed by Molly & Gabby. They did go great with her. What a blessing (and a relief).

Of course she wore her little Razorback socks at home the first day.

The little angel was so small even this tiny outfit was too big but oh so cute. I couldnt stand not keeping her in it all day.

Dad is the best diaper changer/swaddler ever. I laughed though when I found out why she doesn't cry when he does it. I have to admit, those toes are pretty kissable!

So we're here enjoying every second together. Its really been an indescribable feeling of joy and responsibility. I cant even begin to imagine our life now without Eva around. She is the perfect addition to our family and just such a sweet little baby. Jon and I just sit and stare at her all the time. She's a perfect mix of the two of us that its fun to watch her change and grow. 

Would love to see everyone anytime. Until then, we'll keep this updated the best I can. 
Amanda, Jon & Eva

Sweet Pictures

My sweet family! We could see their feet under the door on the other side. I was told that when one of the nurses opened the door that someone fell in. That made me laugh :-) because I have now been on both sides of this door :-) 

I love these moments that Brooke captured. Mimi and Aunt Beth are already loving Eva here!

And my ultimate favorite... there is no better picture to capture how I felt at that moment than this does. Eva has just light up my life like nothing else. Its amazing how much love I have for her already and to know that its only going to grow is even better!

Lots of Love

The one thing Eva Beth is not short on is love. Sunday we were surrounded by family and friends all wanting to love on this little sweetheart. To be honest, I cant blame them. Would you just look at this face. :-)

Aunt Lauren is so proud!

We were so happy that Grandpa Mac drove up from Little Rock to meet his 5th granddaughter!

Laurie was in town for the Hog game so I was so excited she was able to stop by on her way back to Hot Springs. 

And after flying home from Arizona, Ammie made it to the hospital Sunday morning and hasnt left our side since! Thanks Ammie! This is a special time we'll all always remember.

The best part was that Jon wouldnt put her down for a second. If no one else had her, Eva could be found in Daddy's arms. Not much has changed since then.

Heidi has been such an encouragement and "big sister" through this whole pregnancy. I was so happy to have her with me Saturday morning and then again Sunday when she brought the girls back to meet Eva.

Caroline was all grins the whole time she was with us!
Momma and Eva taking some time to be together. In all the craziness, our time was limited but special. 

Proof that Jon and I did our best to get to everyone as soon as we could :-) Thank goodness for wireless at Willow Creek.

Ammie and JJ witnessing Jon changing Eva's first diaper. So cute and he did great. Jon is now the master swaddler even!

The Big Day

Saturday, October 25 began early and ended late but fortunately ended with the most beautiful little angel in my arms. Dr. Emily Hinton was our doctor this weekend and was fantastic. She began the petocin at 7:30, I got my epideral around 8:30 and it was game time. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised how smooth that all went. Its always worse than you think its going to be and at this point Jon and I were so excited that they could have done anything and we'd be fine. We were already surrounded by loved ones by 10 am.
So now that I was "ready to go" we just had to let my body do its thing. This unfortunately took a while. I was moving along but VERY slowly. Lots of people came and went all day which was a wonderful distraction and great to see how loved we all three are. By 2 pm though, I had only gotten to 2 cm and 60% effaced so we were getting concerned I may not be able to do this without a c-section. Fortunately, through lots of prayer, increased petocin and patience, I quickly progressed to a 4.5 by 7 pm. The best part was that this was when I decided to sit up because I'd been laying down all down and was going stir crazy. However it cut off my block for an hour!! Jon and I labored through this and we finally got the pain meds to kick back in. This must have done something because by 9:30 pm I was now at a 9. The awesome nurse stayed with me and encouraged me to a 10!! It was time to go. 
So after an hour of pushing with the help of the worlds best coaching team (Jon, Allyn and Lauren) and the best nurses and doctor I could have asked for - our dream became a reality. 

At 10:57 pm, weighing only 5 lbs, 15 oz, Eva Beth Whittaker was in our arms and completed our little family. 

Jon and I feel so incredibly blessed to have everyone praying for us over these last few years. To get to this day was worth it all and praise the Lord for being with us through the pregnancy, the labor and now as her parents.  We had the ones we love dearly with us and feel so thankful for the outpour of love and support. 

My Aunt Beth and Kate holding her for the first time. I think Eva Beth loves her namesake as much as we do.

The worlds best coaches!

Jon and I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been there for us and who are already the best support system we could ask for. I tell everyone that labor was the hardest most wonderful thing I have ever done. There's no way you cant hold your little baby and not realize this is what it's all about - this is what I was meant to do. I can not wait to continue to share her life with you all.

Amanda, Jon & Eva