Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This girl is too much!

When I say every day with Eva is entertaining I am not kidding. As Jon was unloading new diapers for Kellan, Eva starts pointing and screaming. We knew exactly what she wanted. He put the empty box down and she starts pushing it all along the floor. This was clearly only fun for, oh, one minute because then this is what was next. Jon pushes her around the kitchen and living room, down the hallway, while she smiled and laughed. I told him to stop because clearly this was a great photo op. She proceeds to look at me and tell me "more" in sign language so off they went again. Never a dull moment at our house these days!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rolly Polly Little Boy

Sweet boy's first time to roll over for Mom...ok so probably the 3rd or 4th but I wasnt fast enough with the video camera.

PS- Apologies for the high pitched "mom voice" as well but what are you gonna do... the kids love it!

Another Big Day for the the Whittaker Kids

If I could start this blog post by saying that its beginning to feel like every title of every post for a while could be "Another Big Day" so I promise to get more creative in the future. However, this Saturday really was just that. Now that Miss Priss is on the go- constantly- Jon and I are challenged to keep her entertained and occupied for the 13 hours a day she's awake (+/- a couple for naps). 

We woke up this Saturday to what we knew would be an handful. Overcast, cool weather + energetic toddler could have made for a crazy day inside. However, my husband in all his brilliance thankfully had the morning's events already mapped out. 

We began at McDonalds. Yep, we did it. She's almost 17 months old and we had our FIRST trip to McyD's for some pancakes!! Which was great at 8 am because NO ONE was there. We not only ate in the kids are alone, she got to play afterward by herself. Note to self: Past 8:30 on a Sat. am, stay away! It was nuts by the time we left but we were full and happy and on to the next adventure.

We thought McDonald's was fun- we hit the jackpot at Walmart! Moms may I please suggest always shopping at 8:30 in the morning. No crowds, everything was stocked and straightened and Eva could run up and down the aisles as she always dreamed of! Jon and I had been trying to find some arts and crafts for her to do on days such as this. So $40 later we were loaded up on finger paints, poster board, sidewalk chalk, bubble refills and Disney Cars the movie! Pretty fun day ahead!!

Cars went straight into the DVD player and away we went!

Next stop was David's bridal. Someone was getting tired at this point so we didnt get to play in the mirrors but we did pick up sweet Eva's flower girl dress for Miss Heather's wedding next month. Dress, check! Purple sash ordered so she can match the big girls, check! Next is little white ballet shoes, my favorite part! Stay tuned.

By the time we got home it was naps then lunch time. This went fast because the best was yet to come. Nope, not the sidewalk chalk (too cold) or the bubbles (too windy)... FINGERPAINTS!

Just check it out for yourself!

This smiley face on her back was clearly Dad's idea!

Showers, clean up, quick second nap and then dinner and a movie for the Whittakers. Yes, Kellan was around all day but he's such the laid back, roll with it kid, he just sat and watched most of the time. He's really into watching (and definitely laughing at) whatever Eva does. The next picture proves that. When we all climbed on the couch to read books and watch Charlotte's Web he had to be right in the mix.

Such a big boy now!

So my sweet kids had a blast today. Ok, so did Mom and Dad. We all enjoyed the family time so much so even Jon and I crashed by 9:30 and not complaining one bit. 

4 Months And Growing & Growing

Our little Kellan is growing up so fast! I took him in for his 4 month appointment last Monday and he did so well! He's tipping the scales at 14.0 lbs and is now 24". I was very impressed with these stats until the doctor said he's still only in the 25% on both! However, while we have another little shorty in the family, he said not to worry. Boys have growth spurts much differently than girls. This shouldnt surprise me since everything with this kid has been different!

The best part of the visit though was proof that I have a tough guy on my hands. While he can melt my heart with his smile, he's a tough one in front of the nurses! He got his shots like a champ only crying maybe 2 minutes then all smiles again. He was cooing and laughing for everyone and doing all he's supposed to at his age.

Including rolling over!!! Monday night was the first time I'd seen it fully for myself! He's rolled side to side for a while but now he'll go all the way. And doesnt really matter back to front or front to back. Nothings too much for this guy! I have a video of it but for some reason the new blogger wont let me upload it so I'll try again later.

This weeks biggest change for Kellan has been his speech. I mean to tell you, he woke up one day and just began talking our ears off. Its like he's telling us everything from the past 4 months that been stored in his noggin. He'll coo, and scream and all sorts of precious noises. I am sure it has something to do with his sister. This boy has learned early if you wanna get heard in this house you gotta speak up (over Eva that is!) And so here are a couple shots of the "talking" in action!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Most Definiately this was Sunday Funday

What a weekend! For the first time in weeks, Jon and I both said we feel like we had a real weekend. Very little work, lots of sun and especially lots of fun. Thanks Ammie for coming up and making it all so special!

And Eva says thanks for the cute new shoes!

So as promised, today ended up being a blast. We laid low most of the morning in our PJ's (as you can see) and once the sun warmed up we hit the deck for fun with our new bubble wand! Best $1.99 I have spent in a while!

(and of course like any good girl, she had to wear her new shoes all morning!)

Then after morning naps, lunch and a change of clothes, we were ready to try our the wagon! My Mom, Eva & Kellan's Mimi, got it for the kids for Christmas but of course this has really been the first time we could take it for a test drive. Let me tell you, it's a hit! I am so ready for Kellan to be big enough to join Eva. I can only imagine how much fun this is going to be!

What a day! I know its just the start of the most wonderful summer ever! C'mon warm weather, please stick around so my kiddos can have more and more fun outside again!

Swings- check, Sun- check, Fun Day- double check!

This whole weekend has been so much fun, a much needed three days of fun and laugh. 

Starting off, we had Jon's mom in town for the weekend. Ammie always makes the weekend better! Friday night we just hung out at the Catfhish Hole where we stuffed our faces and topped it off with Shakes. No pictures because my hands were full but trust me, Eva is a big fan of both!

Saturday started off dress shopping as you saw and then our little girl was exhausted so she got a nap and her second wind. After lunch we loaded up and headed, of course, outside. It was 66 and sunny!!! Hooray for Spring FINALLY being here. I have a feeling the park is going to be a regular hot spot for us now that Eva recognizes it. We got to Wilson park where she proceeded to beeline it for the swings. Three times we tried to take her to a different place and she was content and thrilled where she was.

We did try the slides again but it was so crowded that was kind of tough. She got to run around in the open area alot which was fantastic! After the park we were on to Target for a couple treats. New shoes and clothes for our summer beach trip were top items on our list. Can you tell the Whittakers are ready for warm weather!

On Sundays to-do list, bubbles and wagon rides. Stay tuned.

The Most Beautiful Flower Girl Ever (3.6.10)

There are lots of things about being a mother you can prepare for- spit ups, diapers, feeding, shopping, talking and walking. Seeing your daughter in a wedding was not one I was prepared for.

Our precious friend Heather is getting married on April 24th and Eva Beth is going to be her flower girl. Wasnt it just yesterday that I was planning a dress for my own flower girl!? My how life catches you off guard. Yesterday we spent a couple hours shopping for the perfect dress for both of their special day and I had to capture them. I was brought to tears twice just seeing how beautiful she looks but more because she looks like such a big girl. Eva, how did you grow up so fast!?

The Bride and her Flower Girl

Look Mom, I am so pretty!

She has a princess wand that she of course had to bring with her!

Pretty sure she was wanting to tell all her friend about her new pretty dress!

Give a girl a hall full of mirrors in a pretty dress and you have lots of photo opps!

She then discovered she could give that gorgeous girl in the mirror kisses! 

I mean, not only do I now know where to take her when we need something fun to do, but am blown away with how good she was and how much fun it is to have a girly little girl! Thanks Heather for including us in your very special day. It'll be a day none of us every forget! XOXO

Much Overdo Updates

OK, I have to admit that the past 4-5 weeks have been a blur to me. The blog unfortunately got neglected while I used every minute to either sleep or be with the kiddos. However this Sunday morning is my chance to get back on the blogging track! If I could only explain just how crazy life has been you'd understand but between a week trip to Dallas, 4 weeks of 60-80 hr weeks, Jon getting accustomed to his job, keeping up the house (sort of), and of yeah, one 4 month old and one 16 month old, we've just been in survival mode these days. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. More on that later.

So thought I'd get you caught up.


My sweet Kellan James is 4 months old now. We're a little behind on his stats so I'll add those after his appt tomorrow (see 1st paragrapgh for why we're a couple weeks late on his 4 mo checkup) but as for his update, there is no shortage of news. His little personality is realy beginning to show. He's "talking" a bunch and really interacts with everyone. He loves people watching and I can tell hopes to one day soon join in his sister's fun. He's growing a ton and I feel like is going to be taller than sis! Everything goes in the mouth these days and just smiles from ear to ear. Its incredible how much he looks like Jon though. I know Eva did but by this point she'd begun to change a little. Not this one! Even his facial expressions are a mirror image of Daddy which is too cute. He'll pull up if you hold his hands, he's consistently sleeping from about 9:30-6 which is huge, and has his teachers at school wrapped around his finger!! Atta boy!


And then there's Eva Beth. What can I say? At 16 months now, she's a riot each and every day. Its amazing to me how much this little ball of energy can keep us in stitches all the time. "Monkey See, Monkey Do" is her new name.... well that an Toot, and Monkey and Turkey and any word that describes a toddler! But the most fun we have is teaching her things and watching how much she picks up on what we're doing. She'll mimic anything you do and wants so bad to do things on her own. We're definitely testing our independence these days but its worth it when we see her do something we had no clue she knew how. Walking has turned into full speed running. She's learning animal sounds, letters, spoons and forks. For some reason it never gets old to ask, Where's Eva??? Hide and seek in any form is her fav. Even if its her hiding under her blanket, behind her crib or behind her hands. Something about that "surprise" is the best. She has all sorts of faces from fish face, surprise face, silly face and "cheese"!!! Everyone told me that each phase is the best and I had no idea what they meant until now. I swear if I could push pause though on this little munchkin I would. Even after a long day, there is nothing better than how sweet and snugly she is when she cuddles up next to you. She gives the best kisses and hugs and is so loving that I actually get excited to wake her up every morning!

Saturday = Much Needed Family Day

After a long week, we all needed a break and some family time. Just the fact it was Saturday and none of were working or at school was treat enough. So, what makes a Saturday even better???.... a Rick's cupcake, of course!!! After hanging out at home, we decided to venture out. Jon and I realized there arent many activities for toddlers in NWA so we make the best of it.  We started off at a Whittaker family favorite. My little sugar lover never passes up the chance for a treat!

(ps Kellan slept thru the whole Rick's experience but he deserved a pic)

Next we were off to Wilson Park
Glad we have the swing and slide to burn off the extra energy to look forward to. 

Its so much fun now that we can really enjoy the park. She gets so excited everytime because there's always something she's never done before. This will soon wear off but for now its all new everytime!

Sugar crash came shortly after this so we at dinner and had a quiet time doing crafts the rest of the night.

What a super fun Saturday!