Sunday, March 14, 2010

4 Months And Growing & Growing

Our little Kellan is growing up so fast! I took him in for his 4 month appointment last Monday and he did so well! He's tipping the scales at 14.0 lbs and is now 24". I was very impressed with these stats until the doctor said he's still only in the 25% on both! However, while we have another little shorty in the family, he said not to worry. Boys have growth spurts much differently than girls. This shouldnt surprise me since everything with this kid has been different!

The best part of the visit though was proof that I have a tough guy on my hands. While he can melt my heart with his smile, he's a tough one in front of the nurses! He got his shots like a champ only crying maybe 2 minutes then all smiles again. He was cooing and laughing for everyone and doing all he's supposed to at his age.

Including rolling over!!! Monday night was the first time I'd seen it fully for myself! He's rolled side to side for a while but now he'll go all the way. And doesnt really matter back to front or front to back. Nothings too much for this guy! I have a video of it but for some reason the new blogger wont let me upload it so I'll try again later.

This weeks biggest change for Kellan has been his speech. I mean to tell you, he woke up one day and just began talking our ears off. Its like he's telling us everything from the past 4 months that been stored in his noggin. He'll coo, and scream and all sorts of precious noises. I am sure it has something to do with his sister. This boy has learned early if you wanna get heard in this house you gotta speak up (over Eva that is!) And so here are a couple shots of the "talking" in action!

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