Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Most Beautiful Flower Girl Ever (3.6.10)

There are lots of things about being a mother you can prepare for- spit ups, diapers, feeding, shopping, talking and walking. Seeing your daughter in a wedding was not one I was prepared for.

Our precious friend Heather is getting married on April 24th and Eva Beth is going to be her flower girl. Wasnt it just yesterday that I was planning a dress for my own flower girl!? My how life catches you off guard. Yesterday we spent a couple hours shopping for the perfect dress for both of their special day and I had to capture them. I was brought to tears twice just seeing how beautiful she looks but more because she looks like such a big girl. Eva, how did you grow up so fast!?

The Bride and her Flower Girl

Look Mom, I am so pretty!

She has a princess wand that she of course had to bring with her!

Pretty sure she was wanting to tell all her friend about her new pretty dress!

Give a girl a hall full of mirrors in a pretty dress and you have lots of photo opps!

She then discovered she could give that gorgeous girl in the mirror kisses! 

I mean, not only do I now know where to take her when we need something fun to do, but am blown away with how good she was and how much fun it is to have a girly little girl! Thanks Heather for including us in your very special day. It'll be a day none of us every forget! XOXO

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