Sunday, February 22, 2009

4 Month Checkup a Success

Its pretty a pretty low key week as far as Eva's week has gone. Mom's busy with work, Dad's been home and the doggies are still crazy. Thats been the story of our life for a few weeks but this one ended with our 4 month checkup. Yes, 4 months have almost gone by. 

Doctor gave us a great report. She's doing almost everything she should be - sitting up assisted, grabbing at things and according to the doctor she's actually talking way more than most her age. I shouldn't be surprised by that since we "talk" to each other all the time and well, she is my daughter. We still need to work on rolling over (Cousin Katherine needs to give us some pointers) and she's still spitting up but hey- we got clearance to start rice cereal!! So I am about to embark on the next big milestone- real foods! :-) 

As far as her stats, Eva B is still only in the 25% percentile for height at 23" (again, she is my daughter) but what is surprising, given her entry into the world, she's now 14 pounds!! That puts her in the 75% for weight. Girlfriend is eating well now!!

Shots were much harder on us both this time. Jon said he didnt know who cried more. It's just the worst feeling in the world to know you're inflicting pain on them but I kept saying its for her good. She screamed her head off and cried the biggest tears I've ever seen which then sent me into my own pity party. Fortunately we both survived and she even got a sparkly band-aid for her bravery!

So I cant complain- I have a happy, talkative, round little angel and I am so thankful she's healthy and beautiful and in our lives!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eva B hangs out with Aunt B

Brooke Robinson never ceases to amaze me. For so many reasons I am enamored with this family. We have a blast with Brooke and Finley. Elle is the best "big sister" ever, I could just eat Silas up and Maye... what can we say? She and E will be lifelong friends. So the Friday before Jon went to Panama Brooke insisted that we go have dinner so the kids could hang out. Thanks to the ice storm her sweet sister, Kym was there with her family too so needless to say they had a housefull. Yet in their generous hearts, with their amazing talent, and looks like a great PA (Baby Maye), she caught some of the most beautiful pictures of Eva! I mean, maybe I am partial to this little angel, but see for yourself. Thanks Brooke and Kym. We will treasure these forever.

Love those eyes!

There is nothing better than this look. 

My happy baby! Her smile makes me smile from ear to ear!

I know Eva and Maye will be lifelong friends! We'll pull this one back out when they go off to college!

Ok does this not look like a Downy ad? Incredible!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

There have been many things about being a mother that make me happy and joyful. Today was definitely one of the highlights so far. Eva "made" Jon and I our own Valentine's Day Card at school! It was so sweet and once again reminds me how much I love her school and especially Miss Summer. I teared up (of course) and just gazed at the card like I was holding a 10 carat diamond! Except in my eyes and heart- it was even MORE beautiful! 

So when we got home I made sure to get pictures of the card, showing it to Jon and how cute she was in her little Valentine's Day tee. 

I am sure there will be a million more art projects and moments like this but being the first has had made my whole day. I never in a million years would have thought I would fall in love with pink and red construction paper but it happened. :-) 

Thanks Kid's Studio (and Miss Summer) for this special moment!

Saturday Afternoon

Last Saturday while Jon was out of town, Eva and I had some fun playing photo shoot. At 15 weeks old she is definitely all little girl. She's really becoming alot of fun now that she can "talk" to you, reaches and grabs at things (including earrings and hair), sits up with a little help and just lights up whenever she recognizes you! I just cant believe time has gone by so fast.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just for fun

Hi everyone! I was thinking tonight that I take a crap-load of pictures of Eva on my iPhone that I thought it was pretty selfish of me not to share with you all. So this is just a random selection of Eva in all her cuteness. Hope you enjoy as much as I do. I mean, how can you not smile when you see this little angel!?

Cracking up laughing in her cousin Kate's bouncy! 
(This has become quite a trend of liking other people's things A LOT!)

She has some of the funniest faces!

We have just learned this week how to put our hands in our mouth! How cute it is seems to be taking precedent over me freaking out about touching everything (and every germ)!

Bathtime ducky!!

Making sure I am watching "Jack" too!

Check out the cheeks ad chin on this girl! Thanks Aunt Lauren for being so fun in DC!

Hanging out in the bumbo for the first time!

Visiting Our New Cousin

Last weekend Eva and I had the joy of traveling to Alexandria, Va to meet my new neice - Katherine Anna McClellan! This made for lots of good memories - Eva's first plane ride which went flawless thanks to perfect feeding/napping planning, Aunt Lauren and Grandpa's help and the non-stop flight! She did great in the hotel and traveling all over town, being held constantly (who wouldnt do great with that) but most of all with her new cousin. Katherine "Kate" is just beautiful and has the best doting parents a baby could ask for! Eva wanted to keep her in her view at all times (as you can see below) and I just know they're going to have a world of playing, talking, shopping and sharing ahead of them. We had such a great time visiting with her, Jim and Donna and cant wait to go back soon. We love them and miss them so much! 

Aunt Amanda with baby Kate

Eva checking her out!

The Mommies and the Babies

Me and My brother with our sweet girls

Grandpa and his 5th and 6th granddaughters

Happy to be with her family!