Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Work in Progress

OK well I think there has been enough progress now (thank goodness since we're 5 1/2 weeks out) on Eva's room that I thought I would post some more pictures. I still need to finish out the walls, hang the mirror and find a lamp for the table but all in all I am really happy with where it's come. I have been told by people who have seen it in person that the first pictures didn't do the bedding justice so hoping the lighting is better this time. If not, guess you'll have to come see it for yourself :-) Would love the company!

Dont think she needs any more clothes! But boy do they look cute all hung in the closet. Yes, Jon I organized them by size like you asked so you dont get confused.

Her pink rug is super soft but super pink! To think, I was worried it wasn't girly enough. That thought went out the door when it came in yesterday!

I am thinking I need something tall behind the chair. Ideas?

I love the metal bookcase I found. I pulled some stuff and now waiting on pictures for the frames and other sweet things for the shelves. 
(G, I do think its the same as Abby's once I got it in her room!)

Other views of the room so you can see the cool curtains and bedding.

Friday, September 12, 2008

View of Miss Eva at 31 weeks

Eva was being a little difficult at our ultrasound appointment last Friday, 9/5 so these shots arent the best but they're still pretty sweet. Its amazing how much you could see once they turned on the 4D capability. Better than seeing her (which was pretty awesome) is that after 12 weeks of progress her little kidney had gone down and is the perfect size. Everything else checked out and she is right on scehdule to the day! I love my prompt little girl. :-) Her head is already down so they said she'd most likely stay that way which was good news as well - and explains the wild kicks into my ribs up top! We now go for appts every 2 weeks, 2 more times (then weekly! agh!) so i'll have another update soon.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Eva's First Baby Shower, September 6, 2008

So last Saturday was my first baby shower for Eva in Little Rock. Jill, Gerritt and Lauren really out did themselves with the most beautiful details, wonderful choice of food (I love Trios!) and yummy cupcakes and cookies!! Of course in my emotional state I teared up the moment I saw everything but then was completely humbled by all the family & friends who came. It was so nice to see the people who mean the most to me all in one room celebrating the most wonderful event in Jon & I's lives. So by the end of the shower a few things were determined:
1. Eva will be VERY well dressed (I think she got a total of 33 adorable outfits)
2. I have the most thoughtful friends & family
3. Gerritt is all about artistic photography!

I cant wait to see Eva in all her cute clothes, wrapped up in her very own "Nini" and with us in only 8 weeks. Thank you all for making it such a special day!

The hostesses - Aunt Jill, Aunt Gerritt and Aunt Lauren

Sister and I before the shower began

The most yummy strawberry cupcakes with sweet little flags! 

There were even perfectly pink menus to add to the decor- these girls think of everything!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prepared Childbirth Graduation

After 4 Thursday nights from 6-9, two coaches, 3 videos and lots of breathing, we have officially graduated from Prepared Childbirth Class. Our hospital- Willow Creek Women's Hospital- hosts these classes that really do go through everything to prepare you for this little one. The first 3 weeks focused on pregnancy and labor and then the 4th was more on once you bring the baby home. My coach, Allyn, was there through for the first 2 and loved it more than I did, I think. We are now pros at breathing techniques, which I actually hope I dont need thanks to the miracle of modern medicine. We watched the wonderful labor video which was interesting. Why do they always pick women who are super dramatic and have a million stretch marks to be our examples??

We've really enjoyed these classes and have had a good time. Rich and Renee Morris were in our class for 2 of them until Miss Sallie arrived (guess she passed automatically). An old friend Bryan Smith and his wife are due 10 days before us and were in our group. Plus, between Allyn and I we always had snacks and we pretty much always late. I have yet to be able to do the breathing exercises with a straight face and without cracking up. Then tonight Jon decided to make swaddling a race and brags he can swaddle faster than me. Seriously, does it matter?

All in all, I would highly recommend these classes. Especially for someone like me who wants to be prepared for anything and everything. I was pretty scared of the actual labor but am somewhat calmed now. Still anxious because there is no way to know how it'll go but I at least I have done all I can do and have people around me who heard the same thing. 

Now I have a separate infant CPR class and breastfeeding class to attend and i'll be ready to get the show on the road :-) Ha! If only thats all it took.