Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ice Storm 2KTen

From Friday morning to late that afternoon, for once, went exactly as the forecast planned! Over the day we accumulated 1/2" ice and 6 inches of snow which now meant we were in for the weekend!

Jon unfortunatley had to go to work Friday & the kid's preschool was of course closed so me and the kids stayed home for my first attempt at "working from home." This is in quote because I quickly learned after my 9 am conference call that an infant and a toddler are not a good combination. I got as much done as I could and spent the extra time keeping these two munchkins occupied.

Then Saturday rolls around, Eva wakes up with a cough worse than the day before and a runny nose. Jon was still not feeling good (going on two weeks straight) and so Mom was left to entertain indoors once again.

Bless her heart, Eva was dying to go check out the snow for herself.

Instead we snuggled and played and played and played! (This was my view from the couch... sweet Kellan snoozin on me and Eva being the entertainment. I was a very happy Momma!)

Being stuck inside has its consequences though. 5 minutes of quiet meant for trouble when I came around the corner and saw Eva playing in Gabby's water bowl! But hey, if thats the worse thing that happened all day, I am perfectly fine!

After naps they were ready to go again. Kellan happy as a lark and Eva wanting to give him kisses every chance she can.

Like I said, Miss Entertainer was in full force all afternoon, playing songs...

Riding her pony...

And the ultimate was the discovery of her tutu. While we were reading books in her room she got in her closet and discovered her tutu. I really thought it would be too big for her but nope! She loved it. Danced around. I taught her how to twirl and she even wanted to take her afternoon power nap in it. I guess she's as ready for the dance classes as Momma is!

Sunday was more of the same until I had the idea of an afternoon activity. Since she couldnt go out in the snow, I brought it in to her. We were quite the team making SNOW ICE CREAM. This was my first go at it and I think it went great. Eva was a great helper, of course, and I loved having her big enough now to do these kinds of things. Oh what fun we have ahead of us!

I know that these moments are fleeting and so I really tried to soak up every minute. I know I need to go back to work tomorrow for lots of reasons but I gotta say I'll miss my days with them for sure. I am so lucky to have two great kids that make being stuck in the house for three days so much fun!

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The Wades said...

Ok! I am having withdrawals from you and your kiddos!!! Nearly a month with no new pics:( I know, I know you are supermom and blogging does not make it to the top of the to do list! Love you and miss you:)