Sunday, April 26, 2009

Eva Beth's 6 Month Birthday Weekend

So as excited I was that Eva turned six months old this weekend it was made especially better with our the fun family visitors we had. Friday Gerritt and Abby came up to see us and we enjoyed dinner with the Robin at Red Robin. Saturday morning the girls watched Wonder Pets and got to have lots of play time before we loaded up for the day.

Then we made a lunch stop at the all time favorite (of all of us) Chickfila so Abby could play and we could get some good food before shopping! This is where we celebrated Eva's 6 month milestone of sitting in a big girl highchair. I really dont have to take her around in her carrier anymore which is great on my back but look how big she looks. For as proud of her as I am, kind of makes me sad she's growing up so fast. However, much fun was had with balloons and food then off to the NWA Boutique Show. 

The show was nice and gave G some good ideas. We ran into some great friends and got to spend some time with Allyn & Carley as well! Afterwards we headed home to let Eva and Abby play a while before they headed back to LR. The video below pretty much sums up how that hour went. All weekend Eva couldnt keep her eyes of Abby but this time Abby had her in sticthes laughing so hard. Everything Abby did was hilarious and so glad I caught a bit of it. 

We were very sad for Gerritt and Abby to leave and cant wait to see them again soon. However, I was able to straighten up and get in naps for both sleepy girls (ha- me and Eva) just in time for Josh and Lauren to come in town to surprise my grandparents for Papaw's birthday. We graced Red Robin's presence again (thankfully I at least got something different this night) and enjoyed with Josh and Lauren and Josh's sweet sister, Rachel. 

Sunday we had a nice brunch at Mamaw's then we all went to Papaw's nursing home for a surprise 77th birthday party. I think he was very happy to have everyone there and was truly surprised we made such a fuss. I mean, I think you deserve a big a fuss on your 77th!! Lauren got some great family pictures that I cant wait to see. What a special time with my family!

So that was our special weekend. I cant believe Eva is already six months old. So much has happened and I cant wait to wake up everyday and find out what new thing she's going to do or "say" or eat! We go for her "official" check up this weekend but in the meantime, here's what she's up to now. She's eating all sorts of veggies, oatmeal and sitting up almost by herself. She loves her bath splash time, laughing, scooting backwards and can sometimes scoot around in a circle. She has such a great personality and just "talks" all the time- either by screams, squealing, or just babbling. She'll sleep usually 10-11 hours a night and loves all her toys and bows she can now wear! While she'll always be my little baby I am loving watching her grow into the sweetest little girl. Jon and I are so blessed!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Razorback Red/White Game

Keeping with the theme of first sporting events lately, we decided to join the Thompsons for the Razorback's Red/White Scrimmage game. The rain kept us from the Razorfest festivities but the sun came out just in time to call the hogs for the first time in 2009! Eva had a rough go at it for the first 30 minutes but after that she had a blast. Lots of music and people watching = a great night for Eva. Beautiful weather, great friends and Arkansas football = a great night for me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Egghunts, Easter Baskets and Family, Oh My!

This Easter weekend was jammed packed with fun in Little Rock. Eva attended her first egg hunt at St. James, the church where I grew up. She got to spend some time with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins! Easter morning was super fun at church then at JJ and Pa's and topped it off with her first basket before Jon left town! All in all a fantastic weekend for Miss E and we cant wait to get back down there and see everyone. Below are some of the highlights of the weekend!

Checkin out all the kiddos and eggs on the lawn- not quite sure what to think yet

Gerritt and I desperately tried to get the girls to take a good pic but Abby wasnt wanting to smile and Eva was more interested in playing with the grass so this was our best effort.

Me and Eva huntin eggs!

Hanging out watching Wonder Pets at Grandpas!
(Check out how well she's sitting up now!!)

Whittaker Family Photo

Daddy and Eva time after church

Daddy loves giving Eva kisses

Check out how yummy my new teething toy is.... thanks JJ and Pa for my Easter toy!

Jon thought she would like the cold glass... boy did she!

I love my Aunt Jill!

All 4 grandkids at JJ and Pa's
Davis (4), Eva (5 months), Abby (2), Blake (6)

Eva sportin' her bunny bib from Abby!

Eva favorite place to take a nap!

First Easter basket full of PJ's, books and bath toys- so fun!!

And like everything else right now, the turtle toy goes straight in her mouth!

Jon getting in some kisses before he left for three weeks :-(

Eva with Grandpa- they're big buds!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

One Proud Daddy on One Special Week

There is one week a year when I swear the world stops spinning for Jon. This is of course The Masters week. Second only to Christmas week, The Masters is Jon's special golf time. What we did before DVR's and iPhone apps is beyond me but this year was made even more special by the addition of another gallery member. Jon was so excited to put Eva in the Masters onesie Abby passed down and her little capris. He even found a green bow for her to wear and she ended up one cute little golf fan! Even her teachers thought she was the cutest one today. Nine years ago I learned the importance of this week and its probably best Eva B learn young and just sit back, watch the golf, follow Jon's pool and listen to the music. I have to admit its actually pretty fun once you do that!

First Razorback Baseball Game

Jon and I had been trying to get to a Razorback Baseball game all season. Finally the stars aligned- the weather was 71 and sunny, the #1 Razorbacks were playing #2 ASU Sun Devils and so off we went with Eva in tow to her first Hog sporting event!

The stadium was packed with a record 11,000 fans- Eva Beth being the cutest one there! She was ready to cheer on the Hogs in her I Love Hogs onesie and denim mini (she is a Southern girl). Eva loved "cheering" for the team and people watching. Jon and I enjoyed the beautiful night, a couple dogs and peanuts. 

Below are some pictures from our outing. Even though we left early, the Hogs fortunately pulled out a late win to hold onto their #1 spot! Check out the highlight of the night when we got to meet Sue-E on our way out! Here's to many more games and raising our sweet daughter right- as a real Razorback fan!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend with Aunt Lauren

We had such a great weekend with Aunt Lauren. Anytime she's in town Eva is just enamored with her. Wherever Lauren goes, walks, sits- Eva just follows her. Its was too cute. 

I love this picture Lauren caught of Eva during a mini photoshoot for her photography class! Had to share with you all. 

Eva and Lauren have so much fun playing together and her visits are only going to be more fun real soon! We are excited to announce Eva is getting another cousin! Lauren and Josh are expecting their first baby in early October! Hooray!! So these sweet babies will only be a year apart and I am sure will grow up being the best of friends.