Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Night Before...

How this little princess came into the world is the most incredible story I had to finally sit down and share with you all.

Friday morning, Oct 24th was my regular 39 week appt with Dr. Duke. All was going well. I had made the progress that they wanted and we were discussing inducing labor Monday when Jon got back from 1st stage of Q School. Then he decided to go ahead and check via ultrasound how big she was going to be to make sure she was ready to come. It was then that he looked at me and asked when Jon would be home. I knew Jon was planning on splitting up the drive from Houston so I said by noon Saturday. Knowing this he said ok, then lets go ahead and have this baby Saturday. Holy Cow! My mind was racing, my heart was pounding with excitement and anxiety. Since her amniotic fluids were low, the doctor didn't want to wait until Monday so here we go.

I left the clinic and made a million calls but first went into the office to finish things up, say my goodbyes and close that door for 3 months. I then realized I needed to get a pedicure/manicure so after that was taken care of, ran by the bank, grabbed lunch - I came home to have some quiet time, make more calls (which means I never really got any quiet time) and loaded the car to be back at the hospital by 5 pm.

The best part was when Jon called. Keep in mind this whole time Jon was playing his final round at 1st stage in Houston so he had no idea this was happening. I got to talk to him at about 2:45. Found out he did in fact he played GREAT and made it through! He asked how my appointment went and thats when I told him it went GREAT too. he joked and said "what are you having a baby?" and i responded with an "actually, yes, I have to be at the hospital at 5."

So that was that. Jon drove straight home that night. I checked in to begin the process that night. My sweet sister drove up to keep me company, Mom came up to visit with us and so did Jess! We had a blast laughing and talking and keeping me relaxed. Jon made it in town around midnight to relieve Lauren. Hooray! Eva Beth was really on her way now!

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