Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Going Home - Monday, October 27

After such a wonderful experience at Willow Creek, we were ready for our experience to be at home. So we left the hospital with Eva in tow around 1 pm Monday. Here we go into the next chapter of our lives.

Daddy and Mommy taking Eva home

All bundled up and ready to go home

Jon patiently waiting for the doctor's to make their rounds so we could go home.

Paperwork coming with us for her baby book

Her bag all packed...

... and was welcomed by Molly & Gabby. They did go great with her. What a blessing (and a relief).

Of course she wore her little Razorback socks at home the first day.

The little angel was so small even this tiny outfit was too big but oh so cute. I couldnt stand not keeping her in it all day.

Dad is the best diaper changer/swaddler ever. I laughed though when I found out why she doesn't cry when he does it. I have to admit, those toes are pretty kissable!

So we're here enjoying every second together. Its really been an indescribable feeling of joy and responsibility. I cant even begin to imagine our life now without Eva around. She is the perfect addition to our family and just such a sweet little baby. Jon and I just sit and stare at her all the time. She's a perfect mix of the two of us that its fun to watch her change and grow. 

Would love to see everyone anytime. Until then, we'll keep this updated the best I can. 
Amanda, Jon & Eva


Katie said...

Congrats, Amanda! What a precious, exciting time!

Tales From Alexandria said...

We can not wait to meet our new Niece!!
Congrats to the new family!

Love, Aunt Donna and Uncle Jim

Alex and Jill said...

What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations!!

elainaann said...

Congratualations! Mom and baby are both looking beautiful!! Andrew and I are thrilled for you.

elainaann said...

Oh and I love her Razorback socks and the pic of the family waiting at the door.

Dana Daniel said...

I am beaming with joy right now! I can't wait to meet the little princess. Hopefully Sunday will be the day and I will call you. Enjoy every second!!!!