Thursday, October 30, 2008

First Doctor Visit

So our first family trip out was to Eva's doctor checkup. All went great and wanted to share the experience with all of you. First of all, I am so thankful that Eva LOVES her car seat. She just goes right to sleep in it and made us feel so good about taking her anywhere. 

So we felt very parental at the doctor. I had all these forms that I had to fill out for her and realized she is really our responsibility now. But then we just acted like tourists taking pictures of the whole thing :-) I am sure we werent the first new parents to do this. After seeing the pics I am sure glad we did.

All checked out great with her. After a night of being worried I was feeding her enough, it was super encouraging to see that she's now 6 lbs 4 oz. Thats a 12 oz weight gain in 3 days! (Jon thinks she needs to start doing crunches- hehe) All of her vitals were perfect and she's a wonderfully healthy baby. What more could I ask for. She's healthy, beautiful and growing. We are so blessed!

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EPLawson said...

So sweet - thanks for the beautiful photos - she reminds me a lot of Lulu when she was first born...Lu was only 6lb13oz and was in preemie clothes for her first month or so...
They grow up SO fast - it's amazing and wonderful :)
Congratulations again!!!!!!