Friday, October 17, 2008

Hoping, Waiting, Wishing

Another Friday appointment, another Friday update... however no real new news to report which is actually a blessing for now. Jon left to go to Houston for 1st stage of Q school today so leaving with the doctor saying she's a couple weeks away was ok by us. Deep down I was hoping for more progress but still at 1 cm and 0% effaced so we have a ways to go. Health - wise, Eva and I are perfectly text book so praise the Lord there. Now we just get to walk alot and patiently wait. Wait on Dad to come home, wait on Eva to progress some more and wait on the big day. Our bags are packed, the car seat is ready and everything is washed, installed and assembled. This next week will be full of anticipation and excitement but mostly the girls here are wishing Jon a great week to put him one step closer to a great end to the golf year!

As I type this I am sincerely overwhelmed with how amazing this year has turned out. I couldn't ask for a more wonderful & supportive family, have this beautiful miracle of a new baby to look forward to meeting very soon, a group of friends who have brought so much joy (and friends for Eva) in our lives, a job that- for all it puts me through- I love. But most of all, I have a husband who couldn't be a sweeter, more loving and devoted man and now father. I am thrilled we have spent the last 9 years together and look forward to a million more as we begin this new chapter in our lives. Life is pretty good from where I sit.

Until next week I'll keep hoping, waiting and wishing.

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elainaann said...

I just now noticed your comment on my blog. Oops. Anyways - just wanted to say thanks for the comment. Glad you and Eva are doing well.