Thursday, October 30, 2008

BFF's come to play

Eva has had so many visitors. It apparent to both Jon and I that this little girl is loved beyond reason. Today we had some of Eva's best friends come and play. Davis and Carley came to the hospital with Allyn to meet her Sunday but being in the hospital was a little scary to them. So being at the house was so sweet. They both loved holding her and giving her kisses! We are so excited to have them as friends.

So after they left, Evelyn brought Claire by so the girls could finally meet. Ev was in Arkadelphia when Eva was born so we were so excited to see them Wednesday. Even in 10 minutes you could tell they were going to be best buds. The picture isnt the best but they sure were cute together. And wow- I know she's tiny but Eva looked so small next to Claire and they're only 3 weeks apart. She's got some catching up to do :-)

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