Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lots of Love

The one thing Eva Beth is not short on is love. Sunday we were surrounded by family and friends all wanting to love on this little sweetheart. To be honest, I cant blame them. Would you just look at this face. :-)

Aunt Lauren is so proud!

We were so happy that Grandpa Mac drove up from Little Rock to meet his 5th granddaughter!

Laurie was in town for the Hog game so I was so excited she was able to stop by on her way back to Hot Springs. 

And after flying home from Arizona, Ammie made it to the hospital Sunday morning and hasnt left our side since! Thanks Ammie! This is a special time we'll all always remember.

The best part was that Jon wouldnt put her down for a second. If no one else had her, Eva could be found in Daddy's arms. Not much has changed since then.

Heidi has been such an encouragement and "big sister" through this whole pregnancy. I was so happy to have her with me Saturday morning and then again Sunday when she brought the girls back to meet Eva.

Caroline was all grins the whole time she was with us!
Momma and Eva taking some time to be together. In all the craziness, our time was limited but special. 

Proof that Jon and I did our best to get to everyone as soon as we could :-) Thank goodness for wireless at Willow Creek.

Ammie and JJ witnessing Jon changing Eva's first diaper. So cute and he did great. Jon is now the master swaddler even!

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