Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nick Jr Storytime LIVE! (3.22.10)

I got lucky and thanks to a friend, got AWESOME seats for Jon and I to take Miss Eva to Nick Jr's Storytime LIVE at the Walton Arts Center. What is this you ask? Its Eva's dream come true. Wonderpets, Dora, Backayrdigans LIVE on the stage. She wasnt too sure about it all at first but I was so impressed that one they got going she was smiling, dancing and in a great mood even until 9pm. Jon and I loved this special time with just her. This was the first "Eva only" outing without brother so I think she was loving the attention. Not to mention how easy it was with just one kid in tow!! What a great time and cant wait for more shows like this with both of them.

First Reaction... Priceless

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