Monday, May 17, 2010

Lions, Elephants and Sheep, oh My!

The Little Rock kicked the drive thru Gentry Zoo's booty!!!

For lots of reasons. 
First being the company. Whittakers are elated that the Cowells have moved back to Little Rock from living in Maryland for the past eight years. We met up with Ryan, Sharon, Jacob and Asher to tour the zoo. 

I dont think I'd been since I was in junior high and its much better than I remembered. Eva loved every minute of it and the gorgeous weather helped!! 

Feeding the fish was her very favorite because in one place she had fish, ducks and turtles all at her beck and call!

There is something fun about putting your face in a standee that just makes you smile! Even Jon!

This little man was a trooper then took advantage of the plush accommodations to take a snooze for the last hour!

All in all a great 3 hours spent and I know it'll only get better as both kids get older. We skated it this time but I definitely see a ride on the train in our near future since E kept her eye on the "choo choo."

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