Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Start Your Day Off Right

I dont know how but for some reason my kids are bright eyed and bushy tailed right when they wake up. Eva takes a bit to wake up but then is ready to go where as Kellan wakes up smiling and ready to go immediately... oh and usually at 6 am. (Eva will sleep until 7:30 and sometimes 8/8:30 if I let her).

This past weekend was definitely a chill weekend. Between two kids with ear infections, major thunderstorms and two tired parents, we stayed in quite a bit. Both Saturday and Sunday mornings stuck inside gave the kids ample time to entertain their parents.

Let me just preface these next pictures with how my kids take my breath away sometimes. Not because they are doing anything any normal kid wouldnt do but just seeing them love each other and play together. So while "what" they are doing probably isnt very special, the fact they're doing it together is the most special to me.

Saturday was all about books, yes, TV and some dancing in our pjs. This new ottoman we got to act as a safer and much more comfy coffee table is apparently doubling as a couch for my kids. 

What you dont see in these next pictures is what I walked in on. Where's my flip when I need it? I sat Kellan in Eva's crib while I went to grab Eva some milk. I went back to see Eva having a one way pillow fight with her brother and Kellan cracking up to the point of giggle everytime she whacked him. No worries, its a small very soft pillow and clearly no one was hurt. The moment I was "found out" they stopped but still managed to ham it up for the camera!

I had to add a picture of my little man all grown up. We've moved Eva into more of a booster seat that sits up at the table since Kellan now loves his highchair. Here he anxiously awaits his beloved oatmeal! Are you kidding me? How does he keep getting cuter. 

What an awesome Sunday! Great family time (including a spontaneous date night), great snuggle time, all caught up on this blog and packing for a week of traveling. I love getting to travel with this new job but with it comes a tinge of sadness. I know this kids will have a great week with Dad and our amazing babysitter Elisha but its still not me, at least thats what I hope they think. Reading back through the posts makes me excite to keep it up again. Thanks for your patience in the million posts and hope it brings you all the joy writing about my kiddos bring me.


elainaann said...

Love the picture of them dancing and the ones in the crib. You have beautiful babies!

Meredith & Brett Hagedorn said...

This blog post made me SOOO happy!! As 2 mamas who are going through the joys of having our babies super close together. It makes me melt seeing yours playing together and loving each other. Emma Kate loves her brother too, but I can't wait until they can interact more. Keep enjoying those 2!! Have a great weekend. :)