Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day Keeps Getting Better

This year was twice as great for this Mom.

I am overwhelmed with joy that I shared this year's mother day with my sister!!! Not only was it a special day for Lauren and Josh as they dedicated sweet Sawyer at Fellowship in LR, but she's the most beautiful wonderful mother I know. Her love for sawyer is evident and believe she's been preparing to be a mom for, well at least over a year now. She's been loving on my kids like they're her own for so long its natural to see her in this new role. I am so proud.

Also, very proud to be the mom of my two perfect angels. How God thought I deserved them is beyond me but I am forever grateful. Being a Mom has been the most wonderful, challenging, rewarding and best part of my life. I enjoyed my quiet day with my family, my kids and myself (thank you Jon for my bathtime, magazine and chocolate for some needed chill time.) As I laid my head on my pillow that night I thanked Jon for making me their Mom. I dont think I do that enough. We're a great team with two great kids and I couldnt ask for anything more!!

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