Sunday, May 16, 2010

In Lieu of Official Doc Updates

Since we are a little behind on official well child checkups, I figure I'd take the chance to give you a few updates since both have been to the sick child clinic this week I actually have some "stats.".

At six months old, my sweet Kellan James is growing like a weed. I told Jon just the other day I dont feel like I have a baby anymore... and there go the tears again. He's 16 pounds, 3 ounces, sitting up on his own, rolling to wherever he wants to go, loves oatmeal, bananas, applesauce and carrots- and thats it. He's much pickier than Eva was but just as happy. This boy never doesnt have a smile on his face. He wakes up happy, stays happy and even makes happy sounds when he's sleeping. Even this week he went to the doctor for a major double ear infection and Dr. Furlow said she never would have known how bad it was because of his sweet disposition. Makes a momma proud.

Then there's Eva Beth. Where to even begin. We definitely have a full blown toddler on our hand. She's 23 pounds of firecracker and sass and honestly, wouldnt have it any other way. She says new words practically on a daily basis. She loves being outside, any food, and recently found a love for "helping." And by helping I mean helping with EVERYTHING. From taking out the trash, to washing her hands and face, putting on her own lotion, washing Kellan in the bath and even attempts to put on her own clothes. Talk about not being a baby anymore, my Eva is such a big girl now!

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