Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Joy that is found...

in the little things...

If these two kids have taught me anything it's that life is all about the little things that make you smile. On a daily basis Eva and Kellan do something, say something or just look at me in a way that melt my heart. Even as I sit here tonight updating my blog I promise I have teared up and smiled no less than 10 times thinking about all these sweet memories. I am the luckiest Mom in the whole world.

So cute in her new PJ's

I love that everytime she has my glasses she's puts them on like Mommy!

I love that the best cookie's I have ever had were made by an 18 month old!

I love that a piece of chalk and pink hightops make us both smile!

Cant help but laugh when she climbed back in the jumpy she hasnt been in for a year!

This smile... well, it's pretty self-explanatory!

This boy LOVES his toes...and the smile it brings never gets old!

Thursday of Master's week Eva decides to insist upon taking a golf ball to school... completely unprompted. Cant argue with that!

But we are getting a taste of what a two year old will be like... with Kellan's pants on her head she decides to throw herself on the floor in protest of... who knows what!? How do I keep a straight face?

Chickfila Family night was a great idea... chicken and crafts? What more do you need for a fun night out?!

I love when Eva wears skirts... I smile at all the summer clothes she gets to wear now.

But equally as cute is her new chair daddy got her for our deck... I know there are lots of happy times awaiting us outside this year!

And our most recent "happy"... Kellan big enough for the duck tub... Doesnt even seem possible but isnt it worth the smile!

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