Friday, October 23, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

After all of Saturday's party festivities and Jon got on the road for Alabama, Eva and I decided to take a day to ourselves and recuperate!? She was so sweet and super snuggly all day so I enjoyed snapping a few pics of our time together.

Watching our favorite shows in Momma's bed!

This was after 5 minutes of letting Eva sort the ads! Doesnt take long to pull out all the pages and our toys, throw the sippy cup and off to play somewhere else. In fact, I think this whole scene was created in under five minutes. Way to go!

Snuggling up with Mom for our second nap of the day (there were three total!)

And of she went. She slept here for an hour and I didnt mind one bit.

It was a good thing we both laid low. After Sunday's time together, we were both feeling so much better. Despite how beautiful it was outside, Eva and I didnt leave the house all day and thats fine by me. These days wont be the same much longer so I'll take them when I can.

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