Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy First Birthday Eva Beth

To quote Eva's favorite saying at the end of Jack's Big Music Show... "WHAT A DAY!"

We were so excited Jon came on home last night, albeit late, but it meant he got to be home for all of Eva's First Birthday day!! Not that we hadn't celebrated three times already but we said we wanted today to be our day with her and that it was. I snapped a couple pics of the sleep birthday girl this morning before we watched our shows and had pancakes!

"Mom, I just woke up, do you have to have the camera in my face already?"

"Really, I have to be cute at 7:30 am?"

Once we sang Happy Birthday to her then I guess it was time to play!

We all three laid around the house this morning, eating breakfast and playing (great Sunday to do this) and then I wanted Jon to see what happens when he most favorite song comes on. Every morning on the way to school we seriously listen to the new Michael Franti song "Say Hey". You may think I am crazy but the kid LOVES it. She kicks her legs, smiles from ear to ear and dances the whole time. So I noticed on my DVR that he was on Ellen last week and so I played it for her when she was home sick and danced the whole time. Jon hadn't seen it so we caught her reaction on video. It's a little subdued since she wasn't used to watching him but you get the idea. I love my little music queen!!

Then was naptime #1 (yep there were two today) and we all got ready and had lunch at Jason's Deli- Jon and Eva's favorite place. Eva loves their ice creams cones, as you can tell, so on her birthday she got a special treat! She definitely has her Daddy's sweet tooth.

We spent the rest of the day running a couple errands and a couple hours at home to squeeze in nap time #2. And trust me, it wasn't just for her! Yes I even got in two nap cat naps today. We got ready and headed to our community group which is conveniently comprised of our closest friends in the whole world so we took birthday cookies and got to spend tonight with them. What a blessing to have such great friends for us and her to be around.

Night ended like most Sunday nights - getting ready for this week's school, pj's and milk, and wind down time yet I think someone was trying to stay up until her "birthtime" (10:57 pm) because she JUST went down about 20 minutes ago (yes an hour and a half past her normal time)!! I mean, we're pushovers, its her birthday, what are we going to do, tell her no?!

So here we are with a one year old. The most beautiful, sweet and brilliant one year old I have ever known- but I am bias. It still blows my mind to think about. I can still picture her tiny and fragile in my arms but instead she's all of 22 pounds and full of life. So much is happening that its hard to keep up. This week alone she's completely off formula and baby foods and full on "big girl" milk and solids, she starts a new room tomorrow with the Toddler kids, she's getting a little brother and who knows what else. We anxiously await her first steps and know they're quickly coming. So for now, we'll definitely have our hands full and really, we love every second.

We love you Eva Beth and hope you had a wonderful first birthday!
Momma and Dada


Anna said...

Happy Birthday Eva! Being 1 sure is fun!

Tales From Alexandria said...

Happy Birthday Eva!!
We can't believe you are 1 already!

Love, Aunt Donna, Uncle Jim and Katherine.

Rich and Renee said...

I love that shaking cute! What a big girl! Happy birthday Eva!