Friday, October 23, 2009

Our Funny New Trick

I wish I had gotten this on video but now that Eva is eating solid foods, dinner time has gotten oh so enjoyable. And I am for once not being sarcastic. She has loved practically everything we've given her so far and tonight was some of her favs. The best is that she now wants to "do it herself" which really means she holds the spoon in one hand and uses the other to pick up her food. Well somehow or another tonight she found it hysterical to put the spoon in her mouth and when she'd bite on it, it would go up and down. I guess I must have laughed so hard that now she'll do her "trick" then giggle super hard and do it again. If she did it once, she must have done this twenty times tonight. I am such a sucker Mom because everytime made me laugh. Just seeing the amazement on her face as she realizes she did something new was awesome. I'll never get over that part!

So yes, part of her birthday was the purchase of a new Flip Video Camera. Over the next few days, weeks, months Jon and I just knew that moments like these would become priceless and with little man's arrival we didn't want either of us to miss a moment. So get excited, more video will be added to the blog I am sure!

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