Friday, October 23, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Party Girl

If anyone knows me they know I am not the biggest fan of Halloween as a holiday so with a child who's birthday will always be so close I opted to have a party themed more in line with Fall and Pumpkins than ghosts and goblins. The First Birthday has to set the tone for this and a Pumpkin Patch Party seemed like the perfect fit. Even in 45 degree, overcast weather I think it was a success. What a great way to celebrate our little Eva than with all her family, our most wonderful, special friends, snacks and pumpkins. It was a very special day for Jon and I and certainly appreciate everyone coming out and joining in the fun!!

Mommy and Eva as she told us she was turning "one"

Dad showing off her new coat and trying to get her to walk to the party- both look cute so thats all that matters.
"Yes, I am turning one. Now will you guys stop making me tell you!" -Eva

The grandmothers - Mimi, Ammie and JJ

Dad had my hood on and I kind of look like Yoda now, Thanks Dad!

The awesome grandparents (and Aunt and Cousin) who all were there for E's big day!
(Love the faces on everyone, I feel like could/should have a caption for each but will refrain!)

E's friends enjoying painting the pumpkins they picked out

The awesome birthday cake we all enjoyed

And Eva's very own that she soon devoured!

I think the girl liked the cake part! No forcing this one to try it. :-)

The beautiful view of a NWA fall pumpkin patch. Makes me happy!

Someone sacked out from all the fun for the last hour though. Under the coat and her nini actually is my child but she kind of looks like a ball of blanket right now.

The Orr Family shot with a sleeping birthday girl, sleeping cousin Sawyer and Luke but two very excited Wilson girls ready to play! So glad you were all here!

Loaded up and ready to go. Of course she woke up as soon as we got in the car.

So we had to open presents at the house which you'll see was no problem. Christmas should be a blast now that she knows what to do! Thanks for the help and advice from Helen and Caroline. Such great big cousins!

All done and ready for bath and bedtime. Thanks everyone for making Eva's day so great and special. We'll always treasure this day.

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