Friday, October 23, 2009

First Sickly Kiddo

There has been so much going on around our house as you can tell from previous post and you'll see shortly. In the midst of it all though, Eva gave us a nice little flu scare. Last Tuesday I got the "Eva has a fever" call from school no parent ever wants. And fever she did. That night she stayed in my bed where I watched it drop and spike as high as 101.8 so Wednesday morning I obvioulsy kept her home and Jon and I took her to the doctor. With all the swine flu going around I'd rather be safe than sorry. I love our pediatric clinic but really, the doctor said "It could be swine flu, it could be teething or something in between." So we came home with us both having a Rx for Tamiflu and proceeded to snuggle and stay inside as instructed for the next 48 hours. The fever broke that night and we spent the next few days with just a tired little munchkin.

Fortunately both of us were totally fine. Eva went back to school Friday and fought a little fussiness through her birthday party but life was back to normal by Sunday. Just in time for Jon to leave for Q School. I am so thankful it must have just been something viral that passed with time. God must have known that my birthday girl and a 38 week preggo Momma needed to deal with that!

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