Friday, October 23, 2009

Love My Big Girl Chair

Ever since I have been pregnant with Eva I have known I wanted her to have one of these great Pottery Barn Kid chairs. However as the first birthday got closer I quickly realized all we'd spent on her and figured this may have to wait until Christmas. Well thank you Mister UPS because today he delievered the best gift! Three of my great friends and Eva's adopted "aunts" went in, knowing I wanted her to have this, and got it for her for her birthday. I can just see her spending her mornings watching her shows in it, curled up and being a big girl!

It was definitely a hit as I suspected. She was so excited when I put it together, played on it by throwing herself into it over and over and then was so proud to sit in it like the big girl she is. Even tonight she was great to sit in it with her nini while I made her nighttime bottle. I think I may like this more than she does now that I dont have to worry about her falling off the couch or the bed!

Thanks Heather, Jess and Christy for the best birthday present ever!

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