Tuesday, September 22, 2009

More Growing Up On Our Hands

I am sure all the other moms out there will understand that once you have a mobile child the ability to capture it on camera, much less sit down to document it all, goes away. Thankfully I have caught a few moments tonight to catch up!

There arent as many pics of all thats been going on so I'll share what I can. Over the past couple of weeks, we've made lots of big girl strides! We can now wave hi and bye in context! (Before she could do the motion but didnt know why) Eva is 21 pounds and clearly stable enough to pull up on everything, walk a few steps around the table or beside whatever it is she's holding on to. She has discovered that clapping her hands is super fun and especially enjoys it whenever we turn on Jack's Big Music Show (still her favorite show of all). Jon and I are having so much fun watching our little angel explore her new world with so much freedom and excitement. Nighttimes have never been better and actually dread putting her to sleep now because I love watching all she does. The little riding/walking car that our cousin Abby shared with us has been a huge hit. She loves walking with it, although Mom gets nervous since the wheels move faster than her little legs, but really she likes riding it. And by riding it, I mean sitting on it, pulling the handles and pushing herself back into the walls! So cute.

Its so amazing to Jon and I both that she's so aware of her world. She's on the verge of moving to the toddler room at her school as soon as she can get a little more comfortable standing and eating a few more solid foods. But once that happens her whole world will change, as will ours. She's really into mimicking whatever you do from sounds, to hand motions to just cuddling. Its so incredible and I am amazed by her everyday.

So one of my best moments of the day has been when I put her down at night. She's so sweet all the time, but the times we just snuggle and rock are the ones I know I will cherish as those are about to have to be shared. So for as big as she seems to me during the day, for the fact that I cant believe I am planning her first birthday, I love sneaking in her room before I go to bed to be reminded that to me, she'll always be my little girl.

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