Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Go Hogs Go

This past weekend marked the start of one of my very favorite seasons... College Football and more specifically- RAZORBACK FOOTBALL. Its amazing how much I have looked forward to game days but really now I look forward to them very differently. While not long ago it was because we could tailgate all day long until we were exhausted yet somehow find the extra adrenaline to cheer on the hogs for four additional hours then tailgate some more afterward, not long ago, all I worried about what "what time did we leave so I know if the dog is ok" and not long ago, the college kids we sit by entertained me.

The college kids still somewhat entertain me, I still would love to tailgate all day long... but what I looked forward to the most this year was getting Eva in her cheerleading uniform, teaching her to call the hogs and then knew I'd be happy if I would just be able to enjoy the majority of the game! Fortunately all were achieved! Yes here is somewhat of the proof I have that whenever I would do the very famous "wooooooo pig sooie" and raise my arms, Eva would smile really big, raise her arms and scream. I tried to capture some of this as proof of our success.

As for the game experience, I didnt quite make it to tailgate this go round (unless you count grabbing a water, two oreos tailgating, and Jon who'd been there for 5 hours already tailgating) but thanks to Mimi I did make it to the game and was able to enjoy the whole thing. To be clear, enjoying it meant I got to watch it. There's nothing enjoyable about defeat thanks to a lousy defense and knowing that my Georgia friend would be ready to brag Monday but the weather was nice, I felt great, Jon was actually in attendance and I knew Eva was having a blast. Not much more a Mom can ask for.

Mommy and Eva before the Arkansas vs Georgia Home Game!
Here's to many more awesome Razorback memories throughout the season!

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