Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Just Like her Daddy

There must be something fascinating about golf with infants but Eva has discovered that her Daddy has these awesome toys (aka golf clubs and golf balls) that I can play with too. She's quick to grab them anytime Jon leaves clubs around the house and even better is when he's putting, she'll chase and pick up the golf balls. Its too cute.

What impresses me the most is she gets it. When we were in Florida Jon was testing out a new putter on this silly little putting green and as Jon would hit them she'd go get them and put them in the cup! Seriously? How does a 10 month understand that. She even helped pick out the putter he bought. (ok not exactly but she and I like to think so)

Then they were "playing" in the living room and she totally remembered. Jon said he'd hit the ball and she'd go get it and bring it to him. What a sweet little skill! Its like Jon's very own little caddy! Atta girl making Da-Da proud.

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