Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Crazy to Think About

While I update all this great info on Eva Beth, its crazy to sit and think that in just five weeks, I'll have two kids to keep you all updated on. My how this second go round has flown by. My checkups are now bi-monthly and I should go to weekly after tomorrow. I have been feeling good, not great but good. Baby K has been much harder on my physically but I attribute most of that to two things A) I just did this B) I am chasing around a very mobile and active 10 month old. So put that on top of all the regular pregnancy "joys" and you may know why I say I am doing just fine. I have had more Braxton-Hicks contractions with him than I remember having with Eva so bad they take my breath away sometimes and I am gaining weight in totally different ways but unfortunately still gaining the same amount (even though I swore I'd "do better" this time).

People keep asking me if "we're ready" and I guess my answer is "sure". I mean, It doesnt feel real to me still. Other than the physical reminders, I don't feel like I am having another baby in only 5 weeks but I guess the realization that its really happening is beginning to sink in. I know what to expect with labor so I am not near as afraid of that this time, I know what to expect when he comes home, and doing all I know to do to prepare a one year old as best as you can for a new little brother. So if thats ready, then sure. I can say without a doubt I am excited beyond belief to meet him and to be DONE being pregnant thats for dang sure! Jon would agree, I think we might actually get more sleep after he arrives than what we're getting now!

So when my sister was here this past weekend just going through things for her baby's preparation, it prompted me to finally sit down and do a little of my own planning. I got all excited, pulled out his notebook and made my hospital packing list, figured out the things I still need to go purchase and the things I still need to do. While usually a good to do list is therapeutic for me, I think it sent me into a tizzy. All his bedroom furniture and bedding should be done this week so I'll for sure post pictures then and I know I need to scan his 3D pics and add them to the blog (even though I feel like they are so similar I could just repost Eva's and you'd know what they look like).

My last day in the office is currently planned for October 23rd and so my goal is just to keep him cooking until the following week then if he doesn't come on his own, I'll be shocked if I go past that weekend. My wonderful doctor said she highly doubts I'll go past the 29th and wouldn't be at all shocked if he comes before E's birthday but I am hoping and praying that's not the case. We shall know more over the coming weeks so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I need to finish out K's room, we have a niece or nephew that should arrive in the next two weeks and a little princess's birthday party to plan so I am sure there will be lots happening around house.

I promise to keep the blog more updated... ha... ok let me rephrase that, I promise to try.

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Tales From Alexandria said...

Ahh time is flying.. I can't believe the 2 babies will be here VERY soon!!! can't wait!!
Rest up! Hugs to everyone!
Aunt Donna