Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Visiting Mamaw & Papaw

Eva got to go with us up to my grandfather's nursing home for really only the 2nd time since she's born this past weekend so I wanted to capture the pictures we got. She had such a great time and of course received lots of hugs and attention from not only my family but a little too much at times for the others who live there. They are all so sweet and were so excited when I would come up and visit when I was pregnant that I figure its all out of love. So we visited and played and Eva had a blast.

I left reminded of how special these times really are. My grandparents were such a big part of my life growing up that I am so glad they're close to us and that Eva can theoretically see them whenever she wants. Papaw's health is stabile but not great due to his Parkinson's and my grandmother is usually pretty exhausted from the care she has to give him and her own ailments but they always light up when Eva is in the room. Its a great feeling to know that your child can bring a smile to these faces that don't normally see such youth and energy. Any time with them is time well spent. 

My Mamaw and Papaw with me and Eva

Eva and Papaw were pretty smitten with each other!

We couldn't really get the watch out of her mouth for the picture but they sure had fun together! That's all that matters!

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