Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Nothing like a kid at a park!

So its been a rough few days at the Whittaker house as our sweet, perfect angel who is close to never fussy is going through our second round of teething. Its been quite an ordeal with all sorts of side effects so Tuesday after school Jon and I wanted to do something fun that would A) distract her from the pain and B) wear her out in hopes she'd sleep through the night. The answer was WILSON PARK!! Swings, slides, people watching and mid 80's weather made it the perfect choice. So after the three of of us sat and had a little snack it was off to play!

We each got a turn with her on the slide which was a first so of course Mom wanted us to go down with her.

But of course leave it to Dad to let her go by herself. 

And that needless to say, was the best! She was laughing and smiling and loved it. Dad's are the best aren't they!? (I totally think that's what's she's thinking here!)

Then there was also the wonderful bucket swings- which are harder to find than you would think in Fayetteville but here they are. And Eva loves them! The higher and faster Jon pushed her the bigger the smile got. Surely she's getting tired now, right?! 

So thinking the night was a success and all Whittakers were close to being hungry, we got the best shot of the 3 of us that we could (since that seems to rarely happen) and loaded up to go home. Jon had heard that if you donated a perishable food item to Eureka Pizza you'd get a large for $1.99. Brilliant idea- times are tough so here's a chance to feed the grown ups for cheap, teach Eva about helping those around her and be home in time for someone to crash. 
Off we go with our great family plans!

So I have no pictures documenting the last few hours of the night for a reason. By the time we turned onto Leverett to get our dinner we learned that the good people at Eureka had put together such a great campaign that they were literally out of dough so we'd have to go to a different location. This was fine, we'd head to the Springdale one close to our house and be fine. About that time E started to get a little fussy warning us that full on hunger was approaching. The next 15 minutes from College Ave to our house (no we never made it to Eureka) seemed to last an hour as her screams of what I have to imagine was exhaustion, pain and hunger continued. I cant blame a girl- with those things, I'd be PO'd too. So we high tail it home, get her in her PJ's, Jon quickly fixes a bottle and she and I crash on the couch to feed. Within 5 minutes of completing the bottle, she's out! So Jon and I proceed to fix leftovers at 8:30 thinking the worst is behind us. 

Wrong. Not an hour later, my sweet, angel child is screaming at the top of her lungs hanging on to the side of the crib as if saying, get me out of here!! So I calm her down and she goes back to sleep. This is my chance to get in bed myself only to be awoken by a lighter whimper at about 1:30. After about 30 minutes of rocking, she's back down. Not as bad as the night before but when you're 28 weeks pregnant its like starting your slumber all over again. 

Then my sweet husband takes the 6:30 wake up call from our child and brings her back to bed for her to only fall back asleep for an hour. I'd be pretty tired too from that night but I have work to do! (as I sit here blogging during a brief moment of down time). 

So here's hoping for a great day at school and a good night tonight! 

Thank you Wilson Park for the great memories and thank you, Lord for the few hours of sleep I got and reminding me that even in these moments, even when my patience is tested, I still have been given the most beautiful little angel to care for & love and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world!

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