Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One Happy Nine Month Old

We went today for Eva's 9 month checkup and happy to say we have a healthy, perfectly normal nine month old little girl! She wasnt real happy about the toe prick to test for anemia but I really think she was more upset the nurse was holding her foot still more than what was happening. She got a bright purple band-aid that she quickly pulled off and we went on to the fun stuff. She got weighed, measured and questioned for development all ended up being right on track for her progress.

Weight: 20.2 pounds (still in the 75%th percentile)
Height: 27" (still in the 25%th percentile)

So after we were told she's doing everything she's supposed to at this age, got a new book and then clearance to start feeding her more "big girl" food we went home to crawl around and play!

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Tales From Alexandria said...

So cute!! We miss her, and can't wait to see her!!

Love, Katherine, Aunt Donna and Uncle Jim