Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Night Laughter

Eva is in an interesting phase right now. I dont know if its teething or growing or what but girl has been testing my patience. I gotta give her credit though. She may not want to go to sleep. She may fight me when I take something away, eat Gabby's (the dog) food, pull toys out all over and my rockstar sleeper all of a sudden wants to wake up and play at 2 am but... God love this face!! When she's on, she's on and bathtime is usually that time. I swear, I laugh the most at her during her baths. She loves them more now that she has figured out how to get her toys out of the holder, throw them out of the tub, pull up on the side (against my will) and splash like there's no tomorrow. The entire time we're in the tub, and thats usually until her toes are pruned or she's cold, she's smiling and laughing herself. Since Jon is traveling so much, I snapped a quick pic of that ear to ear grin that I thought was worth sharing with you all too.

With so much tragedy and loss my wonderful friends have all been experiencing lately I thought it was equally as important to be reminded of these little moments when for 20 minutes of my day the world stops spinning, nothing else matters and this beautiful angel gets to crack me up more than anything!

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