Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lovin Little Rock

Visiting family in Little Rock is our very favorite thing to do. There is never a dull moment, Eva loves having so many people's attention and this weekend she loved being at the pool! Jon took her down Friday to spend the day at the pool with her cousins while I worked :-( I met them down there Friday night so my turn with the water baby was Saturday after a great lunch at my favorite LR restaurant, Trios,  with our favorite Ammie!

We had a wonderful time getting lots of cousin time, lots of grandparent lovin and aunts doting over her! Leaving is always bittersweet. By Sunday we're exhausted (this one was no exception) but we stall every chance we can. So, I am glad we'll be heading back south for the 4th of July weekend to celebrate cousin Abby's 3rd birthday! 

We love you all and appreciate all the help, kisses and fun all weekend long!

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