Thursday, June 11, 2009

Best Alarm Ever

There is something so amazing about the excitement and smiles that come from a 7 month old at 6:15 am! When I want to hit snooze and roll over for 9 more minutes, this little alarm clock is smiling and playing in her crib, so excited to start the day. I have typically been waking up to her vs. my alarm since I hit snooze so often it gives up but this morning Eva was up and at um, yes, I said it, at 6:15. Which was actually kind of nice because I really needed to get up then anyway. So like every morning, I love going in her room to get her because she's always smiling and "talking" saying what I can only imagine is "Good Morning, Mommy! I am ready to start the day!" I will typically then let her watch her favorite Jack's Big Music Show or Wonder Pets while I get ready and today was one of those days. So when I got out of the shower trying desperately to get motivated for another long day at work- this is what I saw on my bed! I mean, really, how can you not snap out of your funk and just stop and smile. If only we all approached our days with this much joy and happiness... I think we'd all have better days everyday. Thanks Eva for teaching me sometimes life is really this good. 
I love you,