Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Boy W Meets Parents and Sister

We had a great doctor's visit Tuesday! We got the full ultrasound of our little man and all looked great. I'll add his pictures soon but in the meantime, here's what we know:

  • He is definitely still a he and proud of it!
  • Measuring about a week ahead of schedule
  • Dr. Hinton said to expect him towards the end of October 2009
  • No signs of any chromosomal abnormalities (praise the Lord)
  • No signs of any organs out of place- everything seems to be working as it should
  • She checked his kidney's since E's were a little dilated but he's perfect
  • We have ten fingers and ten toes, two eyes, two ears, a nose, mouth, legs, arms, perfect spine and cute tushie!

As for me, I am doing great. Feeling good and looking pregnant!  I get really bad cramps every now and then when I pick E up but they said no worries, just my ligaments stretching. I got a gold star for tracking great on my weight. Better than I was at this point with Eva so I guess having a munchkin running around actually helps with weight gain! Blood Pressure is perfect and I'll go back in 4 weeks for the glucose test and we'll keep trucking along.

His name is still coming and hoping to start working on his room soon so stay tuned and check back as our little wonderful family grows!


elainaann said...

Glad everything is going well. Can't wait to know this little guy's name and see his room.

I agree that Eva's hat is precious!!

Shay said...

well how much fun!! So excited for the Whittaker family. Congrats to you all.

The Wades said...

So we are going to have to dodge Halloween again!! LOL! Love you and wish I was around to see all the progress:)